Could This Be Hannah Ferrier’s Last Season of ‘Below Deck Med?’

This season looked different for Hannah Ferrier from Below Deck Mediterranean. She and Captain Sandy Yawn repaired their working relationship. Plus, for the first time, she formed a strong bond with her two other stews.

So why did she say in a confessional, “Go find yourself another chief stew?” Ferrier weathered some pretty nasty “office” storms this season. She dealt with a chef would couldn’t chef, a stew who didn’t answer her calls and was often a man down because of crew shifts.

Hannah Ferrier
Hannah Ferrier |Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

However, as the season started to wind down, Ferrier found herself exhausted and feeling Yawn’s wrath. Yawn seemed to think Ferrier started to phone in her job. Extravagant table settings were non-existent, plus Yawn spotted holes in service. So could this be Ferrier’s swansong season?

When did everything go downhill?

Not only was Ferrier enjoying a harmonious working relationship with Yawn this season, but she also worked well with bosun João Franco too. The two couldn’t seem to be in the same room together last season without being at each other’s throats. So seeing this new working relationship was promising.

Unfortunately, Ferrier ended up on Yawn’s list when Yawn urged her to take more time and care with her tablescapes. Yawn reminded Ferrier that the clients are spending a lot of money so they demand extravagance and luxury.

However, when the team abandoned the white glove service and Yawn only found out about it during the tip meeting, she became angry and told Ferrier to step it up. Although Ferrier and third stew Anastasia Surmava stayed behind to collaborate on decor between charters, it still seemed to fall below what Yawn required. Yawn became annoyed when the last group of guests were asking deckhand Colin Macy-O’Toole for a beer when no stews were in sight.

Could she be done with yachting?

It’s not likely that Ferrier walks away forever. But she certainly seems like she needs a break after this season. During the last few episodes of the show she seems exhausted and, even though chef Ben Robinson only arrived on the yacht for the last few charters, she and Robinson are butting heads.

The two share a tense moment during dinner service when Robinson needs more communication but she is busy serving guests and pouring drinks. When she arrives in the kitchen and tells Robinson the guests are ready for the next course he becomes agitated and says shes rushing him.

Ferrier also retweeted about the episode where she reached her breaking point and delivered the “go find yourself another chief stew” in a confessional. Some fans believe that Ferrier was doing a solid job and that Yawn was just picking on her. One person remarked that Yawn wasn’t clear about what she expected from Ferrier. “Captain Sandy is right, HOWEVER…she’s never given Hanna expectations and then waits until the last charter to complain about service and staffing? That’s ridiculous.”

So could this really be Ferrier’s last charter? She hinted she was busy working, plus Below Deck Med is in the process of filming next season. Stay tuned.