Could This Be Why Jinger Duggar Posted a Letter to Her Parents on Instagram?

We’ve been watching the Duggar family on TV for years thanks to shows like 19 Kids and Counting and, more recently, Counting On. And out of all the Duggar kids, Jinger has proven to be a fan favorite. From her recent decision to move far away to Los Angeles to the semi-rebellious acts of her youth, Jinger has proven she’s not scared to step out of her siblings’ shadows to show she’s her own unique person.

Nowadays, Jinger and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, give fans plenty of updates about their life on Instagram and their blog. And Jinger recently a posted a heartfelt message to parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar online. The sentiment is ultra sweet — but is there an ulterior motive behind the post?

Jinger Duggar posted a sweet message to her parents on Instagram

There’s been plenty of speculation over the years as to whether Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar actually approve of the choices Jinger’s made. Some have even theorized that Jinger has been totally discarded as a member of the family. In her recent Instagram post, however, she seems to have dispelled all of these rumors that she’s not on good terms with her parents. Jinger posted a sweet photo to Instagram of her and her parents kissing her cheeks on her wedding day.

“Dear Dad & Mom, I want to take a moment to express my deep love and gratitude for you. You two have impacted my life in ways that will forever be imprinted upon my heart,” Jinger opened her Instagram letter with. She then went on to add that her parents are the perfect example of what it means to “walk with Christ. …May the Lord grant both Jeremy & me the grace to raise our sweet Felicity with that same nurturing care and devotion.”

She and husband Jeremy Vuolo recently got candid on a podcast

Jinger posted this photo thanking her parents shortly after an episode of a podcast she was a part of aired. Jinger and Jeremy sat down with Jeremy and Audrey Roloff of Little People, Big World fame to discuss their shared Christian values and married life as a young couple. And it was on this podcast that Jeremy also made some shocking confessions no one expected to hear.

Daily Mail notes Jeremy Vuolo told Jeremy and Audrey Roloff on the podcast, “I, very early on, from the moment we were married, I wanted Jinger to be in with me on the battle for purity.” And he then went on to explain that he has felt “tempted” by other women during his marriage and has brought Jinger in to help him combat those feelings. He also added that he avoids social media and doesn’t have the internet on his phone so that he avoids all temptations — and it’s brought him and Jinger closer together, too.

Are the two events related?

Fans may have noticed the timing of the podcast episode along with the timing of Jinger’s Instagram post. And according to Celebrity Insider, Radar Online claims Jinger purposely posted the thank-you letter to her parents after Jeremy made his big reveals about temptation on the podcast.

Was Jinger feeling guilty about Jeremy’s “temptations,” thus sparking the message to Jim Bob and Michelle? We’re not sure — but some fans are definitely skeptical as to why Jinger chose to post the message instead of just giving it to her parents personally. “Nothing like a heartfelt electronic shoutout on Instagram!!” one Instagram user commented.

Others suspect that Jim Bob isn’t the biggest fan of Jeremy, too, thus resulting in Jinger posting the sweet letter to Instagram as an olive branch to her family. The Hollywood Gossip reports one source said Jim Bob thinks Jeremy “allowed a division in the family to occur” due to his slightly more liberal beliefs. Jeremy allows Jinger to wear pants, after all, which was strictly against Duggar household rules. Not only that, but Jinger and Jeremy had a frontal hug when they got engaged, which was also against Jim Bob’s rules.

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