Could This ‘Big Brother 21’ Video Help Predict Who Will Win over the Jury?

There is always a question of how a jury will vote in the end. Will they be bitter after being evicted? Will they learn all the important facts before making their decision?

It’s hard to predict any of that, but a video was released that could help Big Brother 21. Find out what the video shows and more.

Jackson Michie, Holly Allen, and Nicole Anthony are the final three of ‘Big Brother 21’

The last three standing this season are Jackson Michie, Holly Allen, and Nicole Anthony. This is interesting given Holly and Jackson have been in a showmance for most of the season.

Nicole is out on her own now. But she still could win if she wins the next competition and the most jury votes.

Cliff Hogg III, Kathryn Dunn, Tommy Bracco, Christie Murphy, Analyse Talavera, Jack Mattews, Jessica Milagros, and Nick Maccarone are in the jury. 

Dr. Will Kirby said this is the best jury he’s ever seen

Analyse Talavera and host Julie Chen Moonves on Big Brother
Analyse Talavera and host Julie Chen Moonves on Big Brother | Robert Voets/CBS via Getty Images

Dr. Will Kirby is back to handling the jury roundtable. This is where the jury members can talk about the final three houseguests.

“This jury was by far, BY FAR, the best jury I’ve ever seen!” he told Us Weekly. “And this is my seventh year hosting the jury roundtable discussion.”

He revealed what set them apart from the other seasons. “The main difference is that they were emotionally engaged in the discussion — in the past we’ve always had at least two jurors who were affected. That wasn’t the case with this group.”

A video shows goodbye messages to jury members

Big Brother released a video showing a montage of the final three houseguests saying goodbye to jury members. This helps fans revisit how they felt after being evicted.

Jack seems to be smiling while the final three said their goodbyes. He was close to Jackson for some time so it’s no surprised Jackson told him he would see him in Vegas later.

Kathryn was all smiles during Holly’s message, which isn’t a surprise because they already knew each other before the show. She was less excited for Nicole and Jackson’s messages.

Analyse wasn’t happy during Jackson’s message at all. She actually rolled her eyes, which could be a sign of how she’ll vote. On the other hand, Holly called her a sister and her bestie.

Nick seems to be very understanding that Holly wanted him out. He also said that he respected Holly and Jackson’s game move.

Jackson apologized for lying to Tommy during his message and Tommy said he got it. He also seemed to love Nicole.

Jackson also had a tougher message for Cliff saying it wasn’t right for him to threaten to turn the jury against him. Nicole teared up while saying goodbye to Cliff.

Time has passed since all of these messages were shown so feelings could have changed. We will have to wait to see who will win.