‘Counting On’: 3 Duggar Family Statements That Confirm The Reported Family Feud

The Duggar family feud appears to be heating up. In recent days, Michelle Duggar has made statements that have covertly acknowledged the rift between the Duggar family and Derick Dillard. It was the first time that Michelle and her husband, Jim Bob Duggar, have publicly acknowledged that there is an issue, but they aren’t the first to suggest there might be a problem.

Michelle Duggar referenced slander in a recent speech

Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball shared recent footage of a speech Michelle and Jim Bob gave at a homeschooling conference. In the statement, Michelle rattles through a list of things people should be wary of. In the clip, Michelle talked in-depth about gossip, imploring her audience to avoid sharing private information. She also claimed slander was the telling of truthful information to hurt others. That is, obviously, not the real definition of slander, but fans found the entire speech particularly interesting.

Michelle Duggar and Jim Bob Duggar appear at the Values Voter Summit in 2010
Michelle Duggar and Jim Bob Duggar | Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images

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Most family critics largely believe Michelle picked her speech topic specifically because of what is going on insider her own family. Is it possible that Michelle and Jim Bob view Derick as a “meddler”? Could they potentially see their niece Amy Duggar and daughter, Jill Duggar, as talebearers? Family critics think so.

Amy Duggar pointed out that her cousin, Jill, is smiling brighter these days

While Amy has kept her statements incredibly vague to avoid a potential lawsuit, she has made it clear that she stands behind Derick and Jill. Aside from speaking openly about the fact that she isn’t talking about her famous family because she signed a non-disclosure agreement, the mother of one and business owner threw shade at her famous aunt and uncle in recent months.

In one Instagram post, she noted that her cousin, Jill, is smiling brighter recently. While she didn’t specifically mention the family feud, family followers are pretty sure Amy was referencing Jill’s recent decision to distance herself from her parents. Jill has not personally spoken out about her family. Still, Duggar followers have interpreted her silence on the topic as an indication that she agrees with everything her cousin and husband have said in recent months.

Derick Dillard has made his feelings known

Derick is the only Duggar family member who doesn’t appear to be speaking in code when it comes to the family feud. The father of two and law school student has made it clear that there is serious trouble between himself and the head of the Duggar family. In the last month, Derick has stated that he and his wife have been left out of Duggar family activities and that the bad blood is between himself and Jim Bob.

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Before his most recent Instagram comments, Derick revealed that none of the Duggar kids are paid for their time on Counting On. He has also insinuated that he and his wife were forced to continue filming even after they were no longer interested in being on television. Derick has yet to comment on the rumored federal investigation into the Duggar family.