‘Counting On’: A Duggar Family Member Tweeted About Leaving Behind People Who ‘Bring You Down’

While Duggar family members seemed to all get along for most of their TV career with TLC, a lot unraveled in 2019. Jill Duggar made it known she’s taking a step back from her Christian fundamentalist upbringing, and many are convinced she’s had a falling out with her parents. And the infamous Duggar cousin, Amy Duggar, is there for Jill more than ever.

It’s clear Amy is on the outs with Jim Bob, Michelle, and possibly many others in the Duggar family. And she recently posted a cryptic tweet about removing people from her life that “bring” her “down.” Here’s what she wrote.

Amy Duggar supports Jill Duggar after Jill stepped away from her famous family

It hasn’t been an easy road for Jill. At the end of 2019, her husband, Derick Dillard, took to Instagram to tell followers that Jill isn’t welcome to the large Duggar family home without Jim Bob’s permission. And since then, Derick’s spilled even more tea about the Duggars. According to what he’s said, it’s clear he and Jill have taken a severe step back from the famous family.

We’re not exactly sure where Jill stands with her sisters at this point or if they agree with her reasons behind going her separate ways. But it’s clear Amy’s on her side. Both Jill and Amy have posted video and photo evidence of the both of them hanging out without any of the other Duggars present. And Amy posted a very telling photo to Instagram of Jill in July 2020.

“You smile just a bit brighter these days!” Amy captioned the photo. “So proud of you hippie chick!”

Amy wrote a cryptic tweet about people who aren’t good for her

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Amy was once featured on TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting, but it seems her reality TV days (with the other Duggars, at least) are over. While she’s always been close with the famous family, she never had the strict upbringing Jim Bob and Michelle’s kids had. And she’s made it known she’s paving her own path away from the Duggars.

“I think we are all just trying to find our path and we’re all just doing things differently,” Amy told Entertainment Tonight. “I’m doing things differently and I’m happy where I’m at. I’m happy for them. Things are definitely different, but I’m happy for everybody.”

There’s still plenty of evidence to suggest Amy has more to say about the Duggars that she can’t freely express. And she posted a cryptic tweet on Aug. 13 that raised eyebrows.

“Hang out with people who help raise you up,” she tweeted. “They fit into your future. Do not hang out with people who bring you down and remind you of the past.”

She likely can’t be as direct about the Duggars as she wants to be

Reality television stars Amy Duggar and Dillon King arrive |
Reality television stars Amy Duggar and Dillon King arrive | Robyn Beck/AFP via Getty Images

It looks like Amy might actually have a lot of tea to spill about the Duggars — but she’s refrained from going too far. Back in March, she reportedly sat down for a lengthy interview that went over her standing with the family. While some fans caught the interview, those who want to watch Amy dish for an hour can no longer do so, as the interview was taken down.

Amy later acknowledged the video’s removal. According to her, she was threatened with a lawsuit for what she discussed. Fans still aren’t sure if Amy signed a nondisclosure agreement at this point, as this might be why she was quickly silenced. Others think Jim Bob may have had something to do with it, as he could’ve contacted Amy to request her silence.

We’re not sure if Amy’s cryptic tweet has anything to do with the Duggars — but given what’s occurred in the recent past, we wouldn’t be surprised. We’ll wait and see if she continues to post about others who bring her down.

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