‘Counting On’: A Facebook Fan Just Hinted at Another Duggar/Caldwell Wedding

Weeks ago, eagle-eyed fans noticed that Jason Duggar was standing dangerously close to Lauren Caldwell on a church trip to Greece. Many fans surmised that the two ultra-conservative Christians might be headed towards a courtship. While fans were excited by the prospect, the Duggar family remained tight-lipped about the theory and chatter about it petered out relatively quickly – until now. A fan who worked with them in Greece seems pretty sure Jason and Lauren are on the road to marriage.

How did the Rumors about Jason and Lauren start?

In March 2019, Celebrity Insider and several other media outlets began speculating about Jason’s connection to Lauren. Jason, now 19, recently flipped his first home. He allegedly raked in a neat profit, and for the ultra-conservative family, that means he is ready to take on a wife and family.

After much digging, fans also uncovered several photos of Lauren and Jason together. Some of the pictures date back more than a year, which further fueled the rumor mill. For the Duggar family, dating is a bit different than for your average teenager. Before the couple is allowed to officially date, they must get permission from the girl’s father.

Prior to courtship, however, they enter a dating phase where they get to know one another. Physical contact is strictly prohibited, and the potential couple is never allowed to be alone together. Once courtship begins it’s just a hop, skip and jump to the altar.

Fans strongly believe that the old photos were taken during the rumored couple’s “friendship phase,” but they have since entered into the courtship phase of their relationship. If that’s true, a proposal is likely forthcoming.

What is the skinny on the fan comment?

According to Life is not All Pickles and Hairspray, a Facebook group dedicated to snarking on the family caught a glimpse of a Facebook conversation between two friends. In the public discussion, a woman named Anne Bates seems to confirm that she spent a good amount of time with both Jason and Lauren Caldwell during their trip to Greece.

The woman, Anne, allegedly worked as a translator during the weeklong mission trip. A picture of herself and Jason graces her Facebook page profile, and when questioned about the man her picture she confirmed it was Jason. The woman went on to inform friends that she met both Jason and his “future bride” during their time in Greece. She also alleges that she has an invite to visit the couple at their ranch.

While the Duggar family doesn’t own a ranch, nor do the Caldwells, fans seem to be taking the information seriously.  While Anne’s story seems to check out, her connection to the Duggar family has not been confirmed.

Have the Duggars confirmed the courtship?

Absolutely not, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t in full swing. The Duggar family changed some of their rules regarding the announcement of courtship after the mess that was Josiah’s first journey toward the altar. Josiah and his former flame, Marjorie announced their courtship relatively quickly, but soon called it off prompting speculation from fans. Since then, the Duggar family has been pretty quiet about Courtships until they know for sure they are going the distance.

The family is also strategic in its announcement schedule. Generally speaking, they aim to keep new news under wraps until the last press dump runs its course. Right now the Duggars are awaiting the birth of two new babies. Jessa and Ben Seewald are awaiting the arrival of their third child, while Kendra and Joseph Duggar just announced they are expecting their second child together.

The family may be keeping the courtship in their pocket until they announce Counting On’s new season. Jason’s courtship would be the perfect storyline to shore up a new season.