‘Counting On’: Abbie Duggar Said She Loves Spending ‘Every Waking Hour’ With John David Duggar

Counting On is officially back with a new season, and fans adore seeing what the Duggars are getting into next. We love hearing about what’s new with Jessa, Jinger, and Jana, as they’ve been fan favorites since Jim Bob and Michelle introduced all 19 of their kids on 19 Kids and Counting. But there have been a few other Duggars on our radars over the years — and one is John David.

John David Duggar and his wife, Abbie, are completely in love and make it known on the show. They’re even currently expecting their first baby together and are over the moon with the news. They’re so attached that Abbie has even stated she loves spending every second of the day with her husband. Here’s what she recently said on the show.

John David and Abbie Duggar appear to be happier than ever together

The Duggars are known for getting into courtships fast and marrying young, and it’s made many wonder if they’re happy in their relationships. We can’t speak for every couple, but when it comes to John David and Abbie, the two seem incredibly in love. They only courted for 29 days before John David got down on one knee. And because they were in their mid-20s when courting, it seems they may have also had the chance to bend the rules, as they went on dates unchaperoned. Now that they’re married, fans have commented on Instagram regarding just how in love they appear to be.

John David and Abbie have also discussed their relationship on Counting On. “Romantic gestures are very important in a relationship, ’cause you wanna keep that relationship very flirtatious, very healthy, and on fire all the days of our life,” John David said during a recent episode — and Abbie agreed. They also vowed to never just give each other a peck on the lips for a kiss, as they’d rather lock lips fully.

Abbie said she wants to spend ‘every waking hour’ with her husband

It seems Abbie is just as on board for the PDA and affection as John David is. In a recent episode of the show, John David and Abbie were setting out for their honeymoon in Finland a few months after their wedding. Us Weekly reports the two were having the time of their lives in the chilly country. “The culture, the people, and the scenery are all amazing, but none of that compares to being together and making lifelong memories,” the couple told the publication.

While discussing their honeymoon on the show, they also mentioned just how wonderful married life is for them. When a producer asked them, “How are you guys now adjusting to married life?” Abbie answered with a smile, “We are adjusting to married life very well. We get to spend every waking hour and every sleeping hour with each other, and loving it.”

John David agreed with Abbie here, too. “Married life is wonderful. There’s no chaperones, no people always watching your every move.”

Some worry she’s lost a part of herself to be with John David

Abbie looks completely smitten with John David on Counting On, but some worry she’s given up her whole life to be married to the Duggar. Before she wed, Abbie was a nurse in Oklahoma — and while she did transfer her nursing license to Arkansas, it doesn’t look like she’s practicing. Not only that, but it seems she’s also taken more interest in John David’s hobbies, like aviation, and perhaps given up her own.

We’re not sure if the Duggars encouraged Abbie to stop working as a nurse or if she made that decision on her own accord. And since she’s currently pregnant, there’s also the chance that after she’s settled with their new baby, she’ll return to nursing once again. Either way, we’re hoping Abbie feels autonomous in her relationship and able to make decisions for herself now and in the future!

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