‘Counting On’: The Duggar Family Loves Themed Baby Names

The Duggar family is growing quickly. In the last 30 days, three new Duggar grandchildren have arrived, and at least one more will arrive in 2020. Kendra Caldwell welcomed her second child with husband, Joseph Duggar on Nov. 4; four days later, Lauren Swanson and Josiah Duggar announced the birth of their first daughter, Bella Milagro. Finally, the day before Thanksgiving Day, Anna Duggar and Josh Duggar announced the arrival of their sixth child, Maryella. All eyes are now on Abbie Burnett while she awaits the arrival of her first child with John-David Duggar. While you patiently wait, can you name all of the naming themes the Duggars have used so far?

Josh and Anna are sticking with a letter theme

Josh was the first Duggar kid to get married, and in doing so, he’s also the first one to become a parent. Josh and his wife, Anna, decided to stick with Michelle Duggar and Jim Bob Duggar’s theme of using one letter of the alphabet for all of their children’s names. While Michelle and Jim Bob ran with the letter J Anna and Josh decided to focus their efforts on the letter M. They chose the letter M to honor Michelle.

So far, Anna and Josh have six children, and they show no signs of slowing down. They welcomed their first child, Mackynzie, in October 2009, just over a year after the couple walked down the aisle. In June 2011, Michael joined the family, followed by Marcus in June 2013. In 2015, amid much scandal, Anna quietly gave birth to the family’s fourth child, a girl named Meredith. Two years later, they welcomed Mason. The couple’s youngest child, Maryella was born on Nov. 27.

Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald find inspiration in famous people

Jessa and Ben also welcomed a child in 2019. The couple announced the arrival of their third child, and first daughter, on May 26, according to In Touch. Upon first glance, you wouldn’t think there was any rhyme or reason behind the names chosen for Ben and Jessa’s kids, but believe it or not, they have a theme going on, too. It’s just not nearly as apparent as Josh and Anna’s theme.

Ben and Jessa pull inspiration from famous names, and each of their children has been given names to honor influential people from history. The couple’s first child, Spurgeon Elliot is named after Charles Spurgeon, a 19th-century British preacher. Spurgeon’s middle name also honors a famous face from the couple’s religion. Elliot is meant to honor Jim and Elisabeth Elliot, Christian missionaries who did outreach work in Ecuador. Jim Elliot was killed while on a mission.

Jessa and Ben’s second son, named Henry Wilberforce, has a historical name, too. While the couple merely liked the name Henry, they also wanted to honor Matthew Henry, an author who has written bible commentary, according to Romper. Wilberforce, although a mouthful, was chosen to honor  William Wilberforce, an 18th-century British Politician. Ivy Jane, the couple’s only daughter, is named after Lady Jane Grey. Lady Jane Grey was a British royal. She served as Queen for nine days in the 16th century and was later executed as a traitor. If you are reading carefully you may notice a secondary theme, Jessa and Ben aren’t just honoring famous Christians with their name choices, they’re honoring the British.

Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson are planning an alphabet of their own

Josiah and Lauren just welcomed their rainbow baby on Nov. 8, but it looks like they already have a theme in mind for future kids. While the couple suffered a miscarriage shortly after their wedding, they chose to name the child, Asa. Even before their second child was born, they had a name all picked out. They decided to keep things quiet until she safely arrived though. Now that she’s here, fans all know they named their daughter Bella Milagro. The baby shares a middle name with Lauren.

It would seem as though the couple will be naming their children for the alphabet. Baby number three is undoubtedly slated to have a name that starts with C. While a little zany, it will be interesting to see just how far into the alphabet they choose to go.