‘Counting On’: All the Duggar Daughters’ Favorite Stores

The Duggar women all seem to share one hobby in common: shopping. Whenever the Duggar daughters and daughters-in-law get together for a girls’ day, it almost always involves a trip to the store for either home décor or new clothes. Over time, fans have asked where the women make most of their clothing and décor purchases. And it turns out they tend to shop in the same places.

The older Duggar sisters
The older Duggar sisters | D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

The women turn to big-name stores for home décor

While some people love to shop boutiques for home goods, it’s also well-known that smaller stores tend to be more expensive. Since the Duggar daughters were raised to shop without spending much, they seem to gravitate toward bigger, more affordable places such as Amazon and Target. The have also done several ads for Ruggable, a washable rug company.

When Jessa Duggar posted a photo of her family room, fans were curious to know where she purchased the décor. It turns out the majority of the items, such as her rocking chair and rug, were from Amazon. When the women spent the day shopping together back in April, they could be seen carrying bags from Target. Jill Duggar has also vocalized that she loves WalMart.

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Most baby clothes come from Amazon, but there are a few boutique brands

The Duggars are no stranger to babies, and they tend to get their baby clothes mostly from local thrift stores and Amazon. Jessa hasn’t been shy about purchasing some of her sons’ clothing from thrift stores, though it seems that for babies, Amazon is the way to go. John and Abbie Duggar recently dressed their daughter in an Amazon outfit for her six-month photo, and Lauren Duggar always had cute maternity outfits and loves purchasing headbands and bows from the site for her daughter.

Lauren is also a big fan of Tennessee boutique Little Josies, and she’s done several Instagram videos to highlight their products.

Lauren Duggar dresses her daughter in Little Josies apparel.

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The women love supporting friends, family, and local businesses  

When it comes to their own clothing, the women love boutiques. Though they were raised shopping at thrift stores, many of them have moved on to support local businesses — especially those owned by family and friends. The Duggars’ cousin, Amy Duggar, owns 3130 Clothing, and the sisters have posted many photos wearing dresses from the shop. The sisters also love Bates Sisters Boutique, which is owned by the women in the Bates family, who are close friends with the Duggars.

Kendra Duggar has been spotted wearing earrings from Ashlynn Mikay, a jewelry designer from Northwest Arkansas. Jill Duggar has highlighted local boutiques owned by friends as well. For the most part, the women are reserved with their spending, though Jinger Duggar recently sprang for a staple piece and spent $300 on a blazer.

The sisters seem to care a lot about supporting locally owned businesses when it comes to their own style, but when it comes to decorating their homes, they choose to go with bigger names.