‘Counting On’: Amy Duggar Doesn’t Plan to Raise Her Son Like Her Famous Cousins

Amy Duggar might be related to the cast of 19 Kids and Counting and Counting On, but she has no plans to raise her son like her famed cousins. The soon-to-be mother of one revealed that she and her husband, Dillon King are expecting a baby boy in the fall back in May. More recently, Amy announced that baby King officially has a name in a sweet Instagram post. Now, the 3130 clothing owner, has taken to Instagram to let her fans know she and Dillon plan to allow their son to be whoever it is he’d like to be.

Amy and Dillon have no issue with their son playing with dolls

Amy took to Instagram to share her thoughts on becoming the mother of a son soon. The photo, which featured Amy wearing a pair of overalls, exclaimed that she was ready for anything a little boy could throw at her. One fan, however, wanted to know her thoughts on her son playing with toys that are traditionally marketed towards girls.

According to In Touch, one fan asked Amy how she would feel about her son potentially playing with dolls and wanting to play dress up. While the reality TV guest usually skates past controversial questions, she was happy to answer this one. She noted that she, and her husband, would love their son no matter what.

The post that prompted the admission, however, did use a few gender role stereotypes

Fans might be happy to hear that Amy and Dillon plan to be accepting of their child,  no matter what, but her post did utilize some serious gender stereotyping. Amy, in the post, noted that she was embracing her fresh “boy mom” style with her overalls. She said; “Just embracing my cool boy mom style! I can handle dirt, fishing, hunting, I love the outdoors and camping and canoeing and little critters! But I swear if my son ever brings me a snake or picks up a rat I will lose it!!” She went on to ask her fans what their kids have brought to them in the past.

Accepting or not, it seems like cousin Amy has plenty of preconceived notions of what a little boy is going to do. Not all boys love camping, dirt, and fishing. Some little girls enjoy those things, too. Fans did learn something new about Amy, though. Apparently, she’s not a fan of snakes and rats.

Amy’s famous cousins subscribe to traditional gender role designations

While viewers of 19 Kids and Counting and Counting On have spent years debating which Duggar kid would be the most prominent rebel in the family, they forgot that there was a rebel standing right in front of them all along. Cousin Amy has never subscribed to the Duggar family’s religious beliefs. While she considers herself a Christian, she’s been wearing pants and living her best life since her teen years. She also never followed the courtship rules; having dated around before settling down with her now-husband.

Amy’s cousins, however, have been more heavily invested in their religious upbringing. While a few of them have broken away by wearing pants, they all seemingly subscribe to the gender roles that their parents assigned to them, as well.

Jill Duggar, for example, is the mother of two boys, and it looks like they have nothing but “boy toys” to go along with it. In her recent house tour, there doesn’t appear to be a doll or a play kitchen around. Joy-Anna Duggar, who recently suffered the loss of her first daughter, is the mother of a little boy, too. She seems to be heavily focused on little Gideon subscribing to traditional “boy” activities.

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The mother of girls are also busy instilling gender role stereotypes, too. Jinger Duggar, whose daughter Felicity was born in July 2018, has been busy placing giant bows on her daughter’s head since the day she was born. Jessa Duggar, who is a first-time girl mom, has been doing the same in the months since Ivy Jane was born.