‘Counting On’: An Insider Alleges The Duggars Attempted to Deal with Josh’s Molestation Scandal By Finding Him a Wife

A Duggar family church insider has opened up to the media for the first time since the family was rocked by scandal in 2015. Now, the former church member has confirmed what a lot of fans assumed all along; Josh was set up with Anna as a way to deal with his inappropriate behavior towards his siblings and alleged addiction to pornography. The bombshell comes on the heels of Anna and Josh announcing that their sixth child will be a girl. The news also broke just one day after Anna celebrated her 31st birthday with the family.

Josh and Anna’s marriage may have been arranged

In the wake of Joshua molesting his siblings in the early 2000s, Jim Bob and Michelle allegedly went into crisis management mode. While their role in the church wasn’t exactly in jeopardy, their reputation was. One way they thought to fix the situation was to get Joshua married.

According to a report by Radar Online, the family believed Josh’s issues would be solved if he had a wife. An alleged insider claims that Josh was introduced to Anna shortly after he returned home from staying with family friends. From there, the courtship was quick, and the marriage took place in 2008. 

Josh and Anna’s wedding was the first Duggar wedding to be filmed for the family’s reality TV show. While the family seemingly though the issue was solved, Josh continued to struggle with an alleged pornography addiction and later went on to cheat on Anna multiple times.

Several women came forward to share their stories of speaking with and meeting up with Josh while he lived in Washington DC with his family. Josh later entered a Christian-based rehab facility to deal with the fall out of his cheating scandal. The couple has kept a relatively low profile since 2015.

A church member doesn’t think Anna knew exactly what Josh did wrong

An alleged church insider claims that Anna Duggar may not have known precisely what Josh Duggar did wrong, or, at the very least, was completely unaware of just how serious the transgressions were. The insider alleges they were on hand for the courtship celebration for Joshua and Anna.

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While Jim Bob allegedly mentioned Joshua’s mistakes, he glossed over exactly what he had done wrong, and attempted to spin the situation in a positive light. The speech supposedly suggests that Josh had learned from his mistakes and had become a stronger young man.

Anna famously alleged that her family had been filled in on Josh’s behavior before the marriage, but the insider doesn’t think the details were laid out. It seems as though the Keller family may have gotten a sugarcoated version of events.