‘Counting On’: Anna Duggar Just Commented That She’s ‘Happy’ on Jinger Duggar’s Instagram Post

Whether you love the Duggars or love to hate them, there’s no doubt it’s hard to look away from the famous family. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were the first to bring their 19 children on the small screen, and since then, fans have shown how invested they are.

When it comes to the Duggar who’s caused the biggest scene over the years, it has to be Josh. Josh has been involved in multiple legal scandals over the years, and we can’t imagine how that’s affected his relationship with his wife, Anna Duggar.

Anna is one of the most active Duggars on Instagram and appears to put on a happy face online, though her followers have worried about her mental state in the past. Contrary to what many believe, she just told Jinger she’s “happy” on Instagram. Here’s the context.

Josh Duggar is involved in another legal scandal

Josh has been under fire following sexual abuse reports in 2015. People reports Josh was accused of molesting five underage girls, two of whom were his own sisters. While this turned many fans off to the Duggar family as a whole, this was far from the last we heard of the oldest of Jim Bob and Michelle’s kids. That same year, Josh was found to have been a part of the cheating website Ashley Madison, and he later admitted to having an addiction to pornography.

In 2019, many may believe the worst is behind Josh, but that might not be the case. News outlets noted in early November that Homeland Security agents visited one of Josh’s businesses. While the Duggar Family Instagram said the visit from the agents was entirely fabricated by the media, it seems that’s not the case — though we’re still not sure exactly what was going on with Josh at the time.

Many have questioned whether Anna Duggar is actually happy in her marriage

Josh and Anna married 11 years ago in 2008. They initially met at a Christian homeschooling convention in 2006, and they started courting shortly after. When they married, they both seemed over-the-moon — though there’s no way the soft-spoken Anna could have anticipated the chaos that would ensue later.

Now that Anna has six children with Josh, she gives her followers insights into their lives via Instagram — and she’s not afraid to get candid. In one post, she even admitted to the “sorrow” in her marriage, though in the end, she claims there’s no other man she’d rather be with.

“The joys we’ve experienced together have far surpassed the shadows of sorrow we’ve walked through. Through it all, God’s kindness and grace has sustained us,” she captioned her post. “I love you so much Joshua and look forward to growing old together! (Gotta admit though…being young together is pretty fun too!).”

Anna just said she’s ‘happy’ on Jinger Duggar’s Instagram

With everything going on with Josh currently (and we can’t forget that Anna just gave birth to baby No. 6 the day before Thanksgiving 2019), we’re betting she’s stressed. Following the Homeland Security investigation claims, reports said she was losing track of her children while at an amusement park with the other Duggars. And many commented on how tired she looked at the annual Duggar family ugly Christmas sweater party.

Despite that, she was quick to comment on Jinger Duggar’s Instagram post from Dec. 7. “If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands,” Jinger captioned a post of her and her daughter, Felicity, playing.

To that, Anna wrote, “I’m happy and I know it!” along with clapping emojis and a winking smiley face.

We’re not sure if Duggar fans picked up on the comment yet, but it is a bit strange to see Anna exclaiming such things when so much drama is happening around her. We’re hoping she means it when she says she’s happy, though!

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