‘Counting On’: Anna Duggar Turned Off the Comments to Her Instagram Post About Her Pregnancy

We’re hearing a lot about our favorite Duggars on this season of Counting On. From Jessa Duggar’s pregnancy with baby Ivy to Jinger Duggar’s move out to Los Angeles, fans are getting to hear more about the events they’ve been trying to piece together through Instagram posts for months.

Not every Duggar is featured on TLC, however. While we don’t hear much from Jill Duggar, Anna Duggar, Josh’s wife, is another family member who’s no longer on the small screen. She posts frequently about her life to Instagram for her followers, however — and she typically allows responses from fans and family members alike. Oddly enough, she added a photo of her family with a caption about her sixth pregnancy, and the post has comment capabilities turned off.

Anna Duggar is one of the most active Duggars on Instagram

There are plenty of Duggar family members who have their own Instagrams — and they each have hundreds of thousands of followers, too. It was long suspected that Michelle and Jim Bob’s kids only got their own social media accounts when they were married, but a few family members have disproven this. Jana, who’s 29 and still living under her parents’ roof, has her own account, as does Jed, who’s using Instagram to launch his political platform.

As for Anna, she uses her Instagram to keep her 897,000 followers updated on her home life, marriage, and current pregnancy. And while we don’t see her interact with her in-laws on Counting On, we do see her commenting on their posts. She also frequently adds posts featuring other Duggar family members, and she interacts with fan comments, too.

She posted a photo of her family and a link about her current pregnancy

Anna added a photo of her, Josh, and her five children to Instagram. In the caption of the post, she wrote, “#LinkInBio …Baby #6 will arrive soon and it reminds me that parenting is a blessing AND unpredictable.”

As for the link she shared, Anna had an interview with Us Weekly regarding parenting and pregnancy. The publication broke the news that Josh and Anna were expecting their sixth baby in April 2019.

“We couldn’t be happier to share with the world that our family is growing by one this Fall,” Anna told Us. “We continually stand amazed by God’s love, redemption, grace and blessings in our lives. Our entire little family is ecstatic!”

Anna’s Instagram post is far from the first time she’s mentioned her pregnancy on social media, too. And she’s even added throwback photos of past pregnancies with her sisters-in-law who were pregnant at the same time.

Public comments aren’t allowed on the post

Anna’s been super candid with her followers in the past. On Sept. 26, she posted photos of her on her wedding day with Josh and mentioned the “shadows of sorrow” in her marriage — and she left public comments open here, too. While many of her followers were supportive of Anna’s message, others questioned why she was still with a man with such baggage who’s been unfaithful to her in the past.

Anna’s also quite honest and forthright about her faith on the ‘gram. She added a post about God on Nov. 3. While many of her followers are also Christian, there’s no doubt adding a post about religion is going to cause some controversy.

Her post about baby No. 6 oddly has the comments turned off, however. The post itself doesn’t appear to be very controversial, either. Perhaps Anna’s had enough of the negative fan commentary when it comes to her family and her choice to expand with Josh by her side. We’ll have to wait and see if she turns on the comments to future posts.

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