‘Counting On’: Another Duggar Couple Has Solicited Fans for Presents

Lauren Swanson and Josiah Duggar are fully entrenched in the Duggar family baby boom. Several Duggar family members are expecting the arrival of babies in the next couple of months. While the couple has plenty of company in their pregnancy, their journey to a brand new baby has caught the attention of fans. Now, the couple is trying to cash in on that attention, and fans and critics of the supersized family aren’t exactly happy about it, according to The Hollywood Gossip.

Why are fans angry with Josiah and Lauren?

Josiah and Lauren are quickly approaching their due date. The couple, who were praised for their raw and honest approach to dealing with a miscarriage in the public eye, will be welcoming a baby girl in the coming weeks. As their due date approaches, things are getting busy. Recently, Lauren was showered with gifts from family and friends at a baby shower. She documented the party on Instagram.

Everything seemed fine until the couple decided to share a link to their baby registry with fans. The link appears on the Instagram page the couple shares. When you click the link, it takes you to an Amazon registry with a little personalized note from the couple. The note reads “Thank you for visiting our baby registry! We are so thankful and blessed for our sweet baby girl that’s on the way. As far as nursery, we are going with more of a gender-neutral theme (black, white, wood).”

The second the couple shared the link, fans started discussing whether or not the decision was in poor taste. It’s hard to say if the registry was created before or after their official baby shower, but as of Sept. 23, only about 20 items added to the registry had been purchased for the couple. The registry includes requests for everything from diapers, to gift cards, to essential bath accessories.

The timing makes Lauren and Josiah look particularly greedy

The couple would have received backlash regardless of when they shared their gift registry, but the timing of their post has made them look especially greedy. The link to the couple’s Amazon registry appeared on their Instagram profile shortly after Lauren’s baby shower.

Perhaps the expectant mother was perturbed by the number of gifts showered upon her at the event, or she just saw an opportunity to get her child’s needs met quickly and without monetary output. Either way, it looks like the couple decided to share their info with fans after they saw what they received from family and friends, and that’s what is most irritating to fans.

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Regardless of the apparent greed, and the assumption that random strangers would like to buy the couple presents, fans are still excited to see Lauren and Josiah welcome their first child.  Some fans note that the couple really can’t be blamed for their poor etiquette. The behavior is likely considered entirely normal in the Duggar family’s social circle. Several other Duggars have requested gifts from their fans.

The Duggar family has shared gift registry links before

While fans are finding Josiah and Lauren’s blatant request for fan gifts to be in pretty poor taste, they aren’t the only couple in the family to be so bold. Fans were outraged when Joy-Anna Duggar shared a link to her big brother’s wedding registry. Joseph Duggar proposed to his then-girlfriend Kendra Caldwell at Joy-Anna’s wedding ceremony. Joy-Anna’s gift grab was a bit more subtle than some of the other Duggar’s requests for goods, in any case.

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Jessa Duggar and her husband Ben Seewald have been fan favorites ever since they tied the knot in 2014. That doesn’t mean the couple hasn’t ever irritated fans. When Jessa became pregnant with her first child, she let fans know they were welcome to send gift cards. Her Instagram post also included a P.O box for those who preferred the power of actual money or checks.