‘Counting On’: Some Question Whether the Duggar Couples Are Actually Compatible

The Duggar family is one of the largest families in the United States, and their strict religion has made them very interesting for reality television. The family has been on TV for more than a decade, and fans have watched many of the Duggars grow up, get married, and start families of their own. However, there has always been speculation that the Duggar marriages are somewhat arranged. And some who have been following the family for years can’t help but wonder if these couples are actually compatible.

Jill Duggar Derick Dillard
Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard | D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

The Duggars have always put their religion first

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar raised their children with very strict religious rules and values. The kids were raised sheltered from most things having to do with modern America, including television and popular music. Michelle and Jim Bob never allowed their daughters to wear pants, since it could potentially entice men in a dishonest way. The kids didn’t go to public school or college and instead focused almost all of their time learning and absorbing religion. They’ve taken trips to various places, but with the exception of their honeymoons, those trips have always been for some kind of religious purpose.

Some fans have questioned if the marriages are arranged

Though many people adore the Duggars, some can’t help but wonder if their marriages are arranged. The family values marriage greatly, and the kids tend to wed at a very young age. But it’s been suspected that Jim Bob plays a large role in who his kids end up with. Those the Duggars marry must share the same strong religious values as the family, and the kids often meet their spouses through church. Though it’s never been confirmed that Jim Bob sets his kids up, it doesn’t seem like a far-off theory. 

Those who have followed the show feel some of the couples aren’t compatible at all

Reddit users who have followed the show recently took to the forum to discuss why some of the couples don’t seem compatible at all. The users questioned what the couples talk about and joked that it seems like none of them have anything in common. “Joe and Kendra are sweet, Josiah and Lauren are ill matched, Jessa and Ben are bored and stressed,” one user wrote. “Joy and Austin probably have more to talk about than the others.”

“Joy enjoys hunting and helping Austin flip houses. That helps them along a little!” another user commented. But besides Joy and Austin, it didn’t seem like the users thought much of the other couples’ compatibility. “If the conversations go beyond surface level, I’d be very surprised,” someone else wrote. That same user cited a “lack of deep connections created over time” and “lack of daily stimulation” from things such as jobs and hobbies as reasons the couples might not actually have much in common.

The family seems to view marriage differently than most 

The Duggars don’t necessarily marry for love; they marry for partnership. The Duggars and their spouses are supposed to support one another and always raise each other up; they’re supposed to work together to build the best life they can in God’s eyes. They don’t necessarily marry because they fall in love, they marry because they share the same values as their partners and, for that reason, fall “in love” with them. The couples also don’t believe in divorce. Despite what Anna Duggar went through with Josh, she stuck by his side because that’s what their religion says to do. It wouldn’t surprise us if the Duggars don’t have a lot in common with their spouses, since personality and interests aren’t quite what they look for in a partner.