‘Counting On’: Are Jeremy and Jinger Now Attending Church with Kanye West?

Los Angeles certainly appears to be changing Jeremy Vuolo and Jinger Duggar. Jinger’s profoundly isolated upbringing seems to be no match for the bright lights and brighter stars of California. The mother of one has been seen wearing pants, shopping at Trader Joe’s, and taking in the cultural offerings of the city in recent months. Now, Jeremy and Jinger have kicked things up a notch by attending the famed Sunday Service performance by Kanye West at The Forum. What was the ultra-conservative Christian couple doing at the event, and will they be in regular attendance now?

What is Kanye West’s ‘Sunday Services’?

The Fader describes Kanye’s Sunday Service as religion for the social media age. Essentially, Kanye has figured out a way to combine music, showmanship, and spirituality into a singular event. The services, which premiered in January 2019, are held weekly around California, but Kanye has also taken the show on the road before. He’s popped up, most recently, in Chicago to share his brand of religion.

Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West walk along 57th Street
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While the majority of his weekly events are closed to the public, there are a few services that are now being offered up to like-minded individuals who aren’t A-list celebrities. The most recent event at the Forum seems to have been a tactic to promote his new album and another forthcoming album that has an expected release date of December. Both Jesus is King, and the upcoming album, Jesus is Born, are religious in nature. Allegedly, Jesus is Born will feature the choir that appears at his Sunday Service events.

How did Jeremy and Jinger score an invite?

When the event first started, it appeared that a personal invite was needed to attend. Kanye seemed to extend those invitations to celebrities and family members. Now, however, he seems to be opening the experience up to the public as a way to promote his latest album.

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According to High Snobiety, Kanye offered up tickets to the experience to anyone who purchased the rapper’s latest album. Jeremy has been listening to the album, but he claims a friend got the couple tickets to the event at The Forum. Tickets were open to the public, however, and It’s possible the pair purchased the tickets themselves.  

Jeremy and Jinger also took in the IMAX event that Kanye released last week. In an Instagram Live video, Jeremy claims the film was great. The IMAX was released nationwide late last week. The 35-minute short, earned over $1 million globally during its opening weekend.

Jeremy took to Instagram Live to discuss his thoughts on the show

Jeremy took to Instagram Live to share his thoughts on The Sunday Service experience. To explain his interest in Kanye, he decided to take a bit of a deep dive into Kanye’s religious background. Jeremy notes that he and Kanye have a little bit of a link. Allegedly, the pastor that he’s been seeing attended the same seminary that Jeremy is currently enrolled in. Jeremy happens to be friendly with the pastor. Jeremy and Jinger famously moved from Loredo, Texas to Los Angeles, California, so Jermey could attend the school.

The reality TV star also addressed his fans who were concerned about his sudden interest in Kanye. According to Jeremy, Kanye alleges he’s been born-again. Under the concept of being reborn, Kanye’s former self is gone because he has become a new man. In short, it seems like Jeremy and Jinger, by proxy, are fans of Kanye because they don’t consider anything he’s done prior to his religious awakening as part of his persona. Jeremy claims, however, that he knows very little about his previous musical work.

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Most fans, however, find that hard to believe. Jeremy was in a major university around the time Kanye’s early albums were released. Since it is known that Jeremy imbibed during his time in college, attended parties, and had an active social life, it’s unlikely that he never ran across Kanye’s work prior to his recent album, Jesus is King. While Jeremy certainly seems like he’s a fan of Kanye, it’s unknown if the couple will continue to attend Kanye events.