‘Counting On’: Are Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar Loosening Up Their House Rules?

Big news just came out of the Duggar compound in Springdale, Arkansas. Jason Duggar, who turned 20 in April, is officially on Instagram. The surprising social media move has most Duggar family followers assuming a courtship announcement is forthcoming. Traditionally, the Duggar kids are not allowed to utilize social media until they are officially locked into a relationship. That’s been changing in recent years, though. So, is Jason ready to show the world a girlfriend, or are Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar simply loosening up some of their house rules?

The Duggar family’s rules on social media have been clear for awhile

The Duggar family insists they don’t have specific rules about social media. Still, all of the Duggar kids seemed to follow the same pattern, at least until fairly recently. So far, eight of the Duggar’s oldest children are married. None of them signed onto social media until after they announced a courtship.

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Family followers have long assumed that the Duggar kids were not allowed to have social media profiles until they were securely in a relationship. Their theory appeared to be confirmed when Josiah Duggar opened both Twitter and Instagram accounts when he began courting Marjorie Jackson. After they ended their relationship, his accounts went silent until he announced his second courtship.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar did make an exception for a couple of their children

While most of the older Duggar kids were not granted access to social media until they were engaged, Jim Bob and Michelle appear to have made an exception for a couple of their kids. Jana Duggar sparked courtship rumors when she joined Instagram in January 2019. A courtship never materialized, and Jessa Duggar made it a point to suggest there was no official “rule” when it came to social media.

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Jedidiah Duggar was also given the green light to join social media without a future spouse on the horizon. Jed joined the platform in October 2019, shortly before he announced he would be running for public office. Jed also claimed he no longer lives at the Duggar family home. None of the Duggar kids have moved out before marriage, at least that fans know of.

So, is Jason Duggar courting?

Rumors swirled last year that Jason might be in a relationship with Lauren Caldwell. The rumors started when Jason and Lauren were spotted on a mission trip together. Nothing came of the chatter, though. Several months later, the attention of family followers zeroed in on James Duggar, who was spotted looking a little cozy with Lauren. No one is sure if Lauren is courting James or Jason, or if there is a Duggar love triangle.  

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Lauren’s older sister, Kendra Caldwell, is married to Joseph Duggar. Fans believe that Kendra was involved in a bit of a Duggar love triangle, too. According to a reported insider who spoke with The Holywood Gossip, Kendra and Jedidiah were initially interested in one another, but Joseph swooped in at the last second and stole Kendra away. Family followers have theorized that Jed’s potential political career might be Jim Bob’s way of making up for his lost romantic interest.

It’s possible that Jason could announce a courtship in the coming days. It seems equally reasonable, however, that Jason has joined the world of social media for an entirely different reason. The 20-year-old is rather industrious and appears to be getting a career going. If Jason plans to build a contracting business, social media might be a necessity. It’s also possible that Jim Bob and Michelle may just be loosening up some of the restrictions that made them famous.