‘Counting On’: Austin Confesses to a ‘Sin’ During His Teen Years

Austin Forsyth and Joy-Anna Duggar have been through a lot in their young marriage. Not only did they race down the aisle, but the pair welcomed their first child less than a year after they became husband and wife. Recently, the couple suffered a massive heartbreak when they lost their second child, a girl, five months into the pregnancy. Now, it looks like the young couple has had some trials before becoming a family, too. Austin took to his ministry’s website to share how he “sinned” during his teen years.

Why did Austin Forsyth admit to sinning?

In a promotional video for the Institute for Basic Life Principles, Austin shared his story of how the ministry’s outreach program helped bring him back to his faith. He noted, during the short clip, that his parents decided to send him away to the outreach program when they sensed he wasn’t living a righteous life. He noted that he had become friends with the “wrong” crowd, although he never went into what type of group that was.

Honestly, he admits that he didn’t even want to attend the program but did so anyway. From there, he claims he found his faith again and went home intending to change his life. It is not known precisely when Austin attended the program, but by the age of 23, he was married and awaiting the arrival of his first child.

What was Austin’s big sin?

In Austin’s online testimony, he notes that he was “saved” and brought back into the religious community through an outreach program run by the IBLP. Austin failed to mention what his specific “sin” was, but Reddit fans believe that many of the younger members of the ministry consider questioning their faith to be a sinful act. Austin does mention questioning his faith, but he isn’t the first of the Counting On cast to make that statement.

Joy-Anna has also allegedly questioned her faith at one point during her teen years. Reddit fans note that it’s unsurprising. Joy-Anna, the resident tomboy of the family, may have questioned her family’s cultural expectations when she was forced into the role of a caregiver. Joy-Anna credits her older brother, Joseph Duggar, for helping her through a difficult time, according to In Touch.

What behaviors do the Duggars consider sinful?

While Austin failed to go into detail about precisely what he did, fans are running wild with speculation. Surely his alleged wayward behavior was something tame, but that’s not necessarily a given. The Duggar family, and Forsyth’s family, as well, consider everything from dancing to giving front hugs before marriage to be sinful.

Austin and Joy-Anna did admit to falling to temptation before their wedding day, though. According to The Hollywood Gossip, the couple did front hug before being married. This is considered a massive no-no in the Duggar world. Joy-Anna’s older sister, Jill Duggar also fell to the same temptation when she first met her now-husband, Derick Dillard.

Being alone with a member of the opposite sex who is not your spouse is also considered to be inappropriate behavior. Looking at inappropriate content online, chatting without an accountability buddy, and listening to secular music are also regarded as sinful by Duggar standards.