‘Counting On’: Austin Forsyth Just Reminded Us How Young Joy-Anna Duggar Is

This season of Counting On is officially back, and fans are loving seeing their favorite Duggars on the small screen once again. While Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar originally took the spotlight, we’re now seeing plenty of Jana, Jessa, Josiah, and John-David on the show along with their spouses. And we can’t forget about Joy-Anna Duggar, either. Joy-Anna has garnered quite a following on social media along with her husband, Austin Forsyth, for their home improvement projects and adorable camper living.

It looks like Joy-Anna is also celebrating her birthday, as Austin just posted a sweet message for his wife. The birthday blessing includes her age, too — and while the young couple seems to have it all together, we can’t ignore just how young Joy-Anna really is.

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth started courting when she was just 19

Counting On fans adore watching Duggar courtships, as their dating rituals differ greatly from the usual. And the Duggars also don’t believe in casual dating, either. When they court, it’s with the intention to marry, which often makes their courtships quite brief in comparison to the years many spend dating prior to engagement.

As for Austin and Joy-Anna, the two started dating when Joy-Anna was just 17, and their courtship began when she was 19. Even for the Duggars, this seems ultra-young, and there have been plenty of rumors circling as to why these two rushed into things. According to The Hollywood Gossip, Austin’s parents were desperate for him to marry into the Duggar family. We can’t forget that the Forsyths have been featured on television aside from Counting On, too, as they appeared on a reality series that featured strict parenting tactics.

The two of them already have a son, Gideon

Whether Austin and Joy-Anna fell in love on their own accord or there was help involved from the families, it seems the two actually do make a great team now. And they even have a son, Gideon, who’s nearly 2 years old. Joy-Anna and Austin married in May 2017 and had Gideon in February 2018, Romper notes.

The Duggars tend to want many children, and Joy-Anna seems no different in this regard, as she became pregnant with her second child this past winter. Sadly, after five months of pregnancy, the couple announced they miscarried. Joy-Anna and Austin chose to share their miscarriage news on social media with hospital photos followed by posed photos with the infant, which many of their followers weren’t too fond of.

Austin just wished Joy-Anna a happy 22nd birthday

A lot has already occurred in Joy-Anna’s life, and yet she only just turned 22 on Oct. 28. As for Austin’s age, he’s 25, just three years older than his wife. On their Instagram page, Austin added a photo of him and Joy-Anna on their wedding day with the caption, “Today my sweet wife turned 22 years old, we have been dating since she was 17. I can say that I have had the best time of my life with you, Joy!”

He then goes on to explain how amazing Joy-Anna is as a partner, mother, and Christian. “You are my best friend, cheer-leader, the one I go to for advice, adventure partner, comforter when I need encouragement, and the best mother to our son! You always point me to Christ and I love your relationship with our Savior!” Austin added.

It seems a few other Duggars, like Jill and the Duggar Family Instagram seemingly run by Michelle and Jim Bob, are also sending Joy-Anna their well-wishes.

Despite the Duggar daughter just turning 22, there’s no doubt she seems to have her life and her family totally in order. And while many of the Duggar kids marry young, we can’t forget some, like Jana, choose to wait for the right person to come along. Happy birthday, Joy-Anna!

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