‘Counting On’: Ben Seewald Takes to Instagram to Troll His Haters

It looks like the Duggar family is closely monitoring their social media accounts, and now one member of the Counting On cast is clapping back at critics. The Duggar troll is an unlikely one, too. While Jessa Duggar is known for clapping back at critics on social media reasonably often, her husband, Ben Seewald tends to keep things pretty low key. The father of three shared a photo of his son, and his caption took serious aim at the haters in the midst. 

Ben Seewald is watching what you say

Seewald took to Instagram to share a photo of his son, Spurgeon, holding a Starbucks cup. There is nothing particularly wrong with that, but photos of the Duggar grandchildren with caffeinated beverages have received some serious hate in the past. Seewald decided to head critics off with his caption. 

The TV personality wrote, “This little guy always asks for the “last sip” of my coffee. Here he is, enjoying his very first kid-sized cup from the coffee shop, purchased especially for him at the price of $1.95 by his mother, who loves him very much. If anyone is curious, it’s 4 shots of espresso with a touch of cream, and it’s just what he needed to get him through an evening of reading and projects.” He amended the comment by letting all of his fans know that Spurgeon was actually drinking a hot chocolate and that it was all right in his household. 

Jessa and Joy-Anna have both received criticism for their parenting choices

Both Jessa and her sister, Joy-Anna Duggar, have experienced serious criticism for what they choose to feed their children. Joy-Anna, in particular, received a flurry of negative comments when a picture of her son, Gideon holding a Mountain Dew bottle, surfaced on Instagram. 

Back in April 2019, Jessa was slammed for allowing her children to walk around in the mud shoeless. One commenter also criticized the mother of three for buying her child a tricycle, claiming it was doing nothing for his development. More recently, fans have questioned Jessa’s finances. 

Jill Duggar is also regularly targeted by critics concerned about her parenting. Many of Jill’s choices are controversial, including allowing her children to climb on unsecured items. She also appears to leave Israel, 4, and Sam, 2, unattended in the backyard on a fairly regular basis, a cause of concern for many followers. 

Is Ben’s comedic caption trying to take the heat off of the rest of the Duggar family?

Ben isn’t a prolific Instagram user, so his post was a bit out of character. The reality TV star may be posting to take the heat off of the rest of the Duggar family. The family is currently embroiled in a federal investigation. The investigation appears to be linked to Josh Duggar’s car lot. 

In November 2019, an insider took to Reddit to break the news that federal agents were on hand at Duggar-owned properties. While the family has denied the allegations, a spokesman for the Department of Homeland Security confirmed that agents were on hand, according to KNWA. Further information regarding the nature of that investigation has not been released.