‘Counting On’ Critics Have 1 Major Question About Josh and Anna Duggar’s Marriage

Josh and Anna Duggar tied the knot back in 2008, and since then, their relationship has gone through some major highs and lows. In 2015, Josh’s sexual abuse allegations from the early 2000s came to light, testing his relationship with Anna. Around the same time, there were other rumors swirling about Josh having affairs. But the ordeal has left the show’s critics with one big question.

Josh and Anna Duggar
Josh and Anna Duggar | Kris Connor/Getty Images

Josh and Anna Duggar’s marriage has been tested

When Josh and Anna wed back in 2008, the Duggar family was thrilled. Josh is Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar’s oldest child, and he was the first to tie the knot. The two appeared to have a perfect life together, but there were secrets that would unfold after the two wed. In 2015, the couple’s relationship hit a major roadblock when sexual abuse allegations against Josh Duggar resurfaced from the early 2000s.

According to reports, Josh had inappropriately touched several young girls when he was 15, including his younger sisters and the family babysitter. He later admitted the abuse to his parents, and he was sent away to a Christian camp to receive counseling. However, in 2015, the abuse was made public, to the humiliation of the Duggar daughters — and Josh’s wife, Anna.

Around the same time, there were also allegations that Josh had been cheating on his wife. He allegedly had a brief fling with a stripper, and he was reportedly registered with Ashley Madison, a website for those looking to have affairs.

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Critics can’t help but ask why Anna’s parents didn’t step in

It’s been more than five years since the news of Josh’s affair broke, and for a while, people were questioning what would happen with his family — he and Anna shared four kids by the time she learned of his actions. Rather than divorce, though, the two decided to work through their trust issues. Anna revealed that she and Josh spent two years in counseling, where Anna learned to trust her husband again.

Critics of the show have had a hard time understanding why Anna didn’t leave her husband. But another question they ponder is, why didn’t Anna’s parents step in and help her end the marriage? “Did her parents know about what he did to his sisters? If I was her parents, I would’ve said no,” someone posted to Reddit.

Critics questioned whether Anna was aware of her husband’s past before marrying him. “[Her parents] told Anna a watered down version probably. They didn’t care. They cared about money and fame,” one user wrote. “The Keller’s whole world is about prison ministry. Being married to Josh is Anna’s calling and her ministry,” someone else commented. “Anna was probably told that he was a good man of the Lord,” another user added.

Anna claims the couple’s relationship has improved

Anna and Josh have welcomed two more children since the two went through counseling to repair their marriage. And outside looking in, the two are happy and have worked through their problems. Still, some can’t believe that Anna is truly happy with her husband. Viewers speculate that Anna wanted to leave him but felt like she couldn’t. However, it’s only fan speculation; Anna and Josh have adamantly claimed that they’re back in a good place.