‘Counting On’: Critics’ Views of the Duggar Family Seem to Have Pushed One Duggar Daughter To Her Limit

When TLC premiered 19 Kids and Counting (formerly 17 Kids) back in 2008, critics were quick to slam the show and the family. The reality show profiled the Duggar family, a very religious family living in Arkansas, and their 17 children. Since the show premiered, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, the parents of the Duggar kids, have welcomed two more children. Today, the kids’ lives are highlighted in TLC’s Counting On, but the family has always received plenty of negativity. And some think it’s finally pushed one Duggar to her limit.

Duggar family
Duggar family | Ida Mae Astute/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

The Duggars’ Instagrams are always loaded with negative comments

While the Duggar family has plenty of fans who like to follow them, there are also plenty of trolls mixed in. It seems that whenever the Duggars post a photo to Instagram, people are quick to judge them, regardless of the content. Jill Duggar takes a lot of heat from fans; she’s been criticized for her marriage, her parenting, and the way she teaches her children. People also give her flack for the foods she feeds her family. Anna Duggar is always taking heat for people who can’t figure out how she stayed with Josh Duggar after all of his scandals. And Jessa Duggar is constantly called out for having an unfriendly personality, though she has seemingly never done anything to convey that.  

Jessa Duggar essentially quit Instagram more than a month ago

Fans have noticed that Jessa Duggar has gone missing from social media. Her last post was of her daughter on July 10, and it seems like something set her off that has forced her to retreat entirely from the spotlight. The post received some criticism from people suggesting Duggar wasn’t a good parent because her baby looked like she was overheating in the photo. Though Ivy Jane, Duggar’s daughter, wasn’t necessarily targeted in the post, Duggar’s parenting was, and people sent criticism her way in the comments. It seems that was enough to push Duggar to her limit; she hasn’t posted on Instagram since, and she hasn’t appeared in anyone else’s photos.

Jessa Duggar’s last post was on July 10.

Fans have been concerned about her mental health  

Fans have been worried about Duggar ever since she stopped posting to social media. While she is probably overwhelmed having three young kids, fans are worried that the social media negativity has affected Duggar’s mental health. Fans have commented on her last post asking how she is doing and telling her to ignore the haters. However, Duggar hasn’t acknowledged any comments.

The Duggars likely won’t ever overcome their various controversies 

It’s possible Duggar is taking a much-needed social media break and will probably return to Instagram when she’s ready. However, it’s unlikely that the Duggars will ever get rid of their critics. The family’s lifestyle and religious beliefs have given them a lot of heat through the years. They don’t believe in birth control or abortion, the women aren’t allowed to have jobs, and they grew up not even being able to dance or watch television. Plus, the kids aren’t allowed to have any intimate interaction until they’re married, which has been strongly criticized. Though they still have millions of fans, some of their controversial thoughts and actions will always be heavily criticized.