‘Counting On’: Derick Dillard Can’t Keep His Story Straight About Why His Family Left The Show

Derick Dillard spends a lot of time on social media. Even with glimpses into his life via Twitter and Instagram, fans and critics aren’t really sure what direction the 30-year-old former reality TV star is going in. Dillard was famously booted from Counting On, the show that focused on his wife, Jill Duggar, and her supersized family after he made derogatory remarks about Jazz Jennings. That was more than two years ago, and Derick can’t seem to keep quiet about the ordeal. Recently he insisted he and Jill left the show due to contract disagreements, but that’s a new tale. So, how did Derick attempt to explain away his family’s departure from the hit TLC show in the past? There have been a couple of different explanations.

Derick Dillard insists he was never fired from Counting On

Derick and Jill’s departure from Counting On happened not long after the 30-year-old student made derogatory remarks about Jazz Jennings. Jennings, a transgender teen, starred on her own reality series on TLC. Derick would like fans to believe that his comments had nothing to do with his departure from the show.

Derick has since gone on to make additional rude and derogatory comments about the teen, and has all but refused to apologize for his behavior. TLC fans were incensed by Derick’s remarks, noting that a grown man was cyberbullying a child. Jennings, now 18, has begun her collegiate career at Harvard University, according to Newsweek.

For two years he has maintained that TLC never fired him. There is, however, some bad blood, because Derick has spoken disparagingly about the network in the years since he left the show. He took to social media to complain about the network refusing to pay his second son’s medical bills. The couple’s second child, Sam, spent several weeks in the NICU. Derick and Jill have never revealed the reason for his lengthy stay in the unit.

Derick also once claimed he and jill were just volunteers

Derick Dillard’s most recent outburst about his time on TLC is in direct contradiction to previous statements he has made about his departure. When Derick was ousted from the reality TV series, he insisted that he and his wife were merely volunteers and that he couldn’t have possibly been fired from a volunteer position. He went on to insist he decided to pull his family from the show.

Now, Derick claims that he walked from the franchise because of a “bogus” contract that he was not aware of, according to Celebrity Insider. In a now-deleted Twitter comment, Derick insisted that the network was attempting to keep his family from their missionary work.

TLC did document that couple’s missionary work on Counting On. Upon leaving the show, Derick and Jill shut down their ministry and suspended their missionary work. Derick is now in law school, while Jill has spent time developing a career as a social media influencer.

What’s the real story behind Derick and Jill’s sudden departure from the show?

Shortly after Derick’s 2017 comments about Jennings, TLC released a statement letting fans know that the network did not share Derick’s viewpoint. The statement went on to suggest the team behind Counting On had not worked with Dillard for months and had no plans to feature him in the future, according to People.

The statement made no mention of Jill and did not indicate that the network had parted ways with Derick over the comments. The statement also did not say why they decided to stop filming the couple. TLC has not released any further statements about Derick and Jill.

Counting On has continued without the couple. Now that several more Duggars have gone on to marry and start families, Derick and Jill are far from necessary to the show’s success. Fans had initially thought Jill, at the very least, was returning to the show when she was featured on a special episode documenting the birth of Jessa Duggar’s first daughter, but neither Jill nor the network has commented on her future with the show.

In the end, fans will likely never know the real story behind the couple’s departure from Counting On. The show has moved on without them, and Jill has seemingly moved on, too. The only one who is still talking about the family’s lack of airtime is Derick, and fans are perplexed as to why.