‘Counting On’: Derick Dillard Is Straying Further and Further From The Duggar Family Ideals With His Career Aspirations

The Duggar family can post as many happy birthday messages as they like, but family followers know the truth. Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard are not Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s favorite couple. Long before Derick started spilling family tea on Instagram, it was clear the couple was moving away from the Duggar family’s ideals, much to the chagrin of Jim Bob. Now, Derick has outlined his career aspirations, and it is pretty clear that Jim Bob probably doesn’t approve of his plans moving forward.

Derick Dillard shocked fans when he enrolled in law school

When Derick and Jill married in 2014, Derick had taken a year off to complete some missionary work. He had previously held a position in the accounting department for Walmart and returned once he married Jill. That job didn’t last long, though.  Derick left Walmart for good, and the duo took off on a mission trip in South America, through an established missionary group. Their time in South America reportedly ended when both Jill and Derick failed to learn Spanish. An insider claims the ministry the couple was associated with requires missionaries to learn the official language where they are working within one year.

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After their missionary trip ended, the couple landed back in Arkansas. Derick took on a job with Cross Church, working in youth ministry, but again the position only lasted a year. He then abruptly enrolled in law school, shocking Counting On fans. It’s seemingly going well. Derick enrolled in the program at The University of Arkansas in August 2018 and should graduate in 2021.

Derick Dillard has an interest in working as a public defender or prosecutor

Derick has plans for when he finishes his education. The father of two showed up on the First Class Fatherhood podcast to discuss his life and raising his two sons. Derick told the hosts that he entered law school intending to go into public service, and so far, that is still his path. He noted that he had interned with the attorney general and was currently interning at a prosecutor’s office.

Derick’s plan to enter the public sector is certainly an interesting one. It absolutely doesn’t jive with Jim Bob’s suggestions for those in his family. According to the ministry that Jim Bob and Michelle belong to, adherents must avoid working for people who do not belong to their ultra-conservative Christian sect. The Institute of Basic Life Principles, also advises against working for corporations that place women in management positions. The rules have led many adherents to open their own small businesses.

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Derick and Jill, however, do not subscribe to the beliefs of the IBLP. Derick denounced the ministry in an interview with Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball, and the couple has bucked several of the ministry’s teaching in recent years. Against the ministry’s suggestions, Jill wears pants and has piercings. Additionally, the couple decided to enroll their eldest son, Israel Dillard, in public school.

Could Jim Bob block Derick’s future career?

Derick has shared a lot of information about the Duggar family in recent months. Some of his biggest bombshells have centered around how Jim Bob controls his family. In one admission, Derick claimed that Jim Bob had prevented him from taking a dream job in the past, and he alleges he is not the only person in the family who has been blocked from pursuing a career. In fact, he claims that Jim Bob prevents the men in his family from working for anyone outside the family.

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That has led some fans to question whether or not Jim Bob could create trouble for Derick moving forward in the future. Derick doesn’t seem concerned about that prospect, though. Perhaps that is why he’s been so willing to speak out. Jim Bob may leave Derick alone to avoid further negative press.