‘Counting On’: Derick Dillard Likes the Idea of a Spin-Off Show

Derick Dillard has been pretty outspoken about his disdain for TLC, the network that produces the Duggar family’s television show, Counting On.  Derick, who married Jill Duggar in 2014, has taken aim at the network, and the Duggar family on Instagram and Twitter in recent months. While the couple has absolutely no plans of returning to Counting On, Derick isn’t entirely opposed to the idea of returning to television, based on a social media comment he just liked.

Derick is open to returning to TV

Eagle-eyed followers noticed that Derick has become active on social media again. Shortly after spilling family tea on Instagram back in December 2019, Derick appeared to take a break from social networking sites. He stopped commenting and wasn’t posting a ton. He is officially back, and he just liked a comment that suggested he and his wife should return to TV to tell their story of breaking away from the Duggar family and their oppressive beliefs.

The tweet he liked called out TLC and suggested they focus on Derick and Jill instead of the Duggar family. While Derick liked the tweet, it seems unlikely that the duo would return to the network. That doesn’t mean another network wouldn’t be interested in featuring the family, though. The Bates family, who were first introduced to TV audiences on 19 Kids and Counting, has moved on to UpTV to tell the story of their supersized family.

Derick seems determined to bring down the Duggar family’s media empire

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have carefully constructed their media empire over the course of a decade. While they were initially rocked by the 2015 scandals involving Josh Duggar, they have since rebounded. The family has a fair number of critics, but they also, somewhat inexplicably, have a ton of fans, too. That doesn’t mean their day in the sun will last forever, and Derick seems destined to be the force that brings the family down.

He has been open about his distaste for his in-laws in recent months and has even suggested he’s working on a tell-all book. If Derick is willing to spill so much family dirt on the internet, fans can only begin to imagine what tales he may reserve for the pages of an actual memoir.  Derick has not mentioned if he has a publisher just yet, but based on his tweets, it seems like the book is actually underway.

Derick and Jill have been breaking Duggar rules for years

Jill hasn’t been mentioned by her parents in more than two years. A cursory search of the family’s social media pages and blog show that Jill hasn’t been written about or pictured with the family since 2017. Jill and Derick also moved into their house in the summer of 2019 sans the help of the Duggar family, who were all on a family vacation when the move-in happened. Fans noticed the lack of Duggar involvement quickly, but neither Jill nor her family has mentioned the apparent rift.

What is evident is that Derick and Jill have been breaking the oppressive rules that are imposed on members of the Duggar family for years. Jill pierced her nose and is wearing pants regularly. She also recently enrolled her son, Israel, in public school. The Duggar family is staunchly opposed to traditional education and has chosen to homeschool their expansive family. Jill was homeschooled for the entirety of her academic career.