‘Counting On’: Did Abbie Duggar Feel Pressured to Marry John David Duggar? Here’s What She Said

We’re getting plenty of Duggar insight on the new season of Counting On. While there’s plenty of focus on Jinger Duggar’s move to Los Angeles with her husband as well as Jessa Duggar’s life caring for three little ones, we’re also seeing quite a lot of John David Duggar and his wife, Abbie. John David and Abbie are currently expecting, and they seem to be absolutely smitten with each other. But when asked about feeling pressure to get married fast, Abbie had an interesting answer for the cameras that not many may have expected.

Here’s what Abbie said about feeling the pressure to get married, and how that might’ve impacted her decision to marry John David so quickly after courting him.

John David Duggar and Abbie Duggar appear to be totally in love

If there are any two people who still look at each other completely starry-eyed on Counting On, it’s John David and Abbie. We can’t forget that the Duggars typically have quick courtships and marry young. And while John David and Abbie were already in their mid-20s when they courted, they wasted little time after that before engagement, as they announced they were tying the knot after just 29 days of dating. Most of us can’t imagine engagement after such a short timeframe, but it seems John David and Abbie are deeply in love — and they even reportedly got to bend some of the traditional courtship rules.

In a previous episode of the show, we also can’t forget that John David said he’s not afraid to express some PDA. As he said, “Romantic gestures are very important in a relationship, ’cause you wanna keep that relationship very flirtatious, very healthy, and on fire all the days of our life.” They both then noted that they don’t give each other pecks on the lips when they kiss, but rather “real” kisses every time.

Fans wondered if Abbie was encouraged to give up her passions for John David

John David is clearly all-in with Abbie, and Abbie seems totally on board with the Duggar way of living, too, as she also comes from a conservative and religious family. But Abbie may have given up more than many fans realize just to be with John David. She was a nurse in Oklahoma prior to wedding her husband, but she quit the job after settling down. While she did transfer her nursing license to Arkansas so she could continue with her practice, it doesn’t look like she actually has any interest in pursuing her career further.

Now, it looks like the main focus in John David and Abbie’s home is aviation, which is John David’s passion. Abbie doesn’t appear to mind, as they even had their wedding held in an airplane hangar. But many have suspected that she may have been encouraged to give up her career since the Duggars believe women should be caring for the kids and the home.

Here’s what she said about the pressure to get married

She may be happy now, but was Abbie pressured to get married at first? On a recent episode of Counting On, a producer asked her, “Did you ever feel the pressure that you had to be next in line?” To that, Abbie answered, “I did start courting a lot later than my siblings, John’s siblings. And I guess I did get a little discouraged because I wasn’t in a relationship and everybody else around me seemed like they were … and I thought, ‘wait, when am I ever gonna get married?’.”

As Abbie mentioned, it certainly must be tough watching your siblings, both older and younger, getting married when you’re still looking for Mr. Right. But perhaps the reason she waited to tie the knot until she was in her mid-20s was to make sure she was marrying the perfect man for her. Either way, it seems it all worked out, as Abbie and John David are very happy together and now expecting their first baby girl. Congrats to the happy couple!

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