‘Counting On’: Did Cousin Amy Just Throw Shady at Josh Duggar on Anna’s Instagram Post?

Following Grandma Mary’s death, it looked like the gloves were off for Cousin Amy. Not only did the pregnant Duggar cousin send out a passive-aggressive Tweet, but she unfollowed several of her famous cousins. It looks like she may have re-added a couple of them, but things aren’t exactly back to normal. The 3130 Clothing owner commented on Anna Duggar’s post about her 31st birthday to wish her well, but she also took the opportunity to take a jab at Anna’s husband, Joshua. The eldest Duggar son has caused the most upheaval in the family, and it is clear that Amy is neither forgiving nor forgetting.

What did Amy say to Anna for her birthday?

Anna turned 31 on June 23 and celebrated with the entire Duggar family. She took to her Instagram feed to let fans in on the celebration, which included a visit to the family compound, as well as a stop at the Marketplace Grill for the family’s signature birthday dessert – the Chocolate Mess.

Over 800 comments rolled onto her Instagram feed. While most were just family, friends and fans wishing the soon-to-be mother of six a happy birthday, there is one comment that stands out. Cousin Amy commented on the post saying; “Love you, sweet girl, you’re brave, you are forgiving, a great momma and stronger than I could ever be.”  Amy posted a second comment right after her first because she left out the primary point of her comment. The second post read, “Ohh.. and Happy Birthday to you!”

Fans surmise that Amy is throwing shade

The comment might seem nice on the surface, but anyone who is aware of the Duggar family probably realizes there is a hidden message within Cousin Amy’s well wishes. Noting Anna’s bravery, forgiving nature and strength directly points to everything that her husband, Joshua Duggar, has put her through.

The eldest Duggar boy brought scandal to his family when it was revealed he molested several of his siblings while they were growing up. He chased the first scandal with a second one. Joshua was wrapped up in the Ashley Madison data breach. He not only paid for a subscription to the extra-marital affair site, but he also had an account with OkCupid. He openly admitted to cheating on his wife once he was exposed.

Several Reddit users suggest that Amy’s message is a backhanded compliment. It wouldn’t be the first one she’s shot at the Duggars. Other fans, however, believe that Amy does genuinely feel sorry for Anna Duggar. Fans have long wished the sweet-natured Florida native would leave her troubled husband, but instead, they keep chugging along. The couple is expecting their sixth child, a girl, in November 2019.

The comment comes just after a church insider publicly discussed Josh’s molestation of his siblings

Amy’s comments come just days after the media dug up a church insider that revealed how Josh’s molestation scandal was handled within the church. Radar broke the story, but the insider is believed to have spoken to a Facebook group moderator last year.

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The interview with the anonymous source confirmed that Josh molested several of his sisters as well as another church member. The report also confirmed that Josh was sent to live with a family friend following the incident, and had his head shaved as punishment for his transgressions.