‘Counting On’: Did Jinger Duggar Just Drop a Huge Hint About Her New Baby’s Name?

Jinger Duggar is expecting baby no 2. The Counting On star made the big announcement on May 28, revealing that she and husband Jeremy Vuolo would be welcoming a baby girl in November. The couple — who married in 2016 — also has a daughter, Felicity, who was born in 2018. 

Jinger Duggar says she’s already picked a name for her baby, but it’s a secret 

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Jinger, 26, has said she can’t wait to meet her baby and find out what kind of person she’ll be. 

“What will she be like?” she asked in an Instagram post. “Will this little girl be the shy introvert, happier with a good toy in a quiet room than bubbles at a party? Who knows. Whοever she is, and whatever she loves, I’m excited to see her flourish as she grows.”

While Jinger doesn’t yet know what kind of personality her daughter will have, she does know one thing: her name. When a follower asked if she and Jeremy, 32, had picked out a name for the baby, she replied that they had. 

“Yes! But not publicly announcing till she is born,” Jinger wrote.

Fans have an idea about what Jinger might call her baby  

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Jinger and Jeremy are keeping quiet about their baby’s name. But a recent Instagram update has fans wondering if she just dropped a major hint. On June 4, she shared a post where she talked about the importance of having hope in “dark days of turmoil.”

“What would choosing hope look like for you, today, right here in this moment?” she asked. 

A number of commenters shared their thoughts on Jinger’s post, with some praising her for speaking out and others urging her to make a stronger statement in support of Black Lives Matter. 

But several zeroed in on another part of Jinger’s message: the word “hope.” They noted that it would be the perfect name for a little girl born during these challenging times. 

“Great girls’ name,” one wrote. Another commented that Hope, along with Faith, were “lovely names for a new babe during these trying times.”

“Is the baby’s name Hope?” asked one.

Some want Jinger to stick with a theme

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo
Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo | jingervuolo via Instagram

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While some fans think Hope is the perfect name for Jeremy and Jinger’s new baby, others are wondering if the couple might stick with a theme and give their second child a name that also starts with the letter F. 

“Are you going to stick with the “F” theme for her name?” one asked. If that’s the direction they do decide to go, perhaps another fan suggestion might be right on the money: Faith. 

But for now, all that is speculation. Counting On fans will just have to wait until the baby is born to find out what name Jinger and Jeremy chose.

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