‘Counting On’: Did Joy Duggar Just Admit She’s Using Birth Control?

The Duggar family strongly believes that birth control is a sin against God. The Ultra-Conservative Christian family has discussed their desire to let a higher power control the number of children they bring into the world, and many fans believe both Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were actively trying to conceive as many children as possible. Several of the now-married Duggar kids don’t seem to be following in the footsteps of their parents, though. Joy-Anna Duggar, who recently suffered a stillbirth, may have low-key admitted that she and her husband are taking some precautions.

Joy-Anna seems to have the perfect number of kids in mind

Joy-Anna’s family is famous for their supersized family, but it doesn’t sound like she’s planning to raise a dozen or more children. Sitting down with Us Weekly, Joy-Anna discussed her grief and the number of children she’s planning. In the article, she suggests that four kids sound good, but quickly back peddles to suggest she will let God decide.

Here’s the problem, though. If Joy and Austin really do only want three more additional kids following their miscarriage, they’ll need to do some pretty careful family planning. Joy-Anna is just 21 years old and announced her pregnancy shortly after her May 2017 wedding. The couple’s first son, Gideon, was born in February 2018. It is believed the reality TV star became pregnant with her second child exactly a year after giving birth to Gideon.

Since Joy and Austin clearly don’t have fertility issues at this moment, careful planning will be needed to stay at four children. If they were to continue at a rate of one pregnancy every 2 years, they could easily achieve double-digit children. Would the couple consider using chemical or barrier birth control methods? Some fans think so.

She admits that she and Austin Forsyth are “taking things slow”

Joy-Anna’s July stillbirth was clearly a traumatic event for both her and her husband. The pair posted heartwrenching pictures from the hospital shortly after they lost their first daughter. Recently, Joy-Anna was asked if she planned to have more children soon, and she admits that she and Austin are taking things slow, and giving her body time to heal.

Joy-Anna and Austin are making a wise decision. It is recommended that all women, regardless of the circumstances of birth, give their body time to heal. Pregnancy and the impending labor can take a lot out of the body, and stress vital organs. Taking 18 months to two years between pregnancies is advisable.

Fans, however, have taken Joy’s words with a bit more power. Many believe the statement indicates that she and Austin are actively preventing pregnancy at the moment, and some even think they may be using a form of birth control that is not approved by the Duggar family. To be fair, they could be using natural family planning, which would fall in line with the family’s belief system. Natural family planning, however, is considered one of the least effective forms of birth control.

Fans suspect several Duggars are using birth control

Joy-Anna’s statements are the latest hints at the use of birth control among the Duggar kids, but she’s not the first to low-key broach the topic. Several weeks back, Derick Dillard, who is married to Joy-Anna’s sister, Jill Duggar, told his social media followers that he never believed there was anything wrong with birth control. He noted that his parents waited for several years into their marriage to have children. Many believe the couple is using birth control at the moment. Jill and Derick share two children, Israel, 4, and Sam, 2. An additional pregnancy seems to be nowhere in sight.

Viewers also suspect Jinger Duggar and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, are using birth control. They waited more than a year after their wedding to announce their first pregnancy. The LA-based couple is currently parenting a one-year-old daughter, and don’t appear to be in a rush to further expand their family. They’ve never spoken on the topic of birth control.