‘Counting On’: Did Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar Find Out About Jinger’s Move Like Everyone Else?

With 19 kids and a handful of grandchildren already, it stands to reason that Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar would have a hard time keeping up with their adult offspring. After all, several of them have married and started their own lives; but family rebel Jinger Duggar might be the hardest for the pair to keep up with. Not only is Jinger a rebel in her style choices, but she’s the only Duggar who has picked up and left Arkansas for, presumably, greener pastures. Now it is rumored that the 25-year-old mother of one didn’t inform old mom and dad about her upcoming move ahead of announcing it to the world, and apparently, they are steaming mad

Did Jinger forget to tell her parents about the move?

Some eagle-eyed fans surmise that Jinger didn’t share the news of her move to Los Angeles with mom and dad before announcing it on her family blog. While there is no direct evidence to suggest this happened, Counting On theorists believe Jim Bob and Michelle’s radio silence since the announcement indicates they had no idea that the pair were planning to leave Texas, or at the very least, they are less than thrilled with the couple’s newest destination.

It seems unlikely that Jim Bob and Michelle didn’t know something was afoot, though. While the Vuolo’s don’t appear to enjoy a particularly close relationship with the Duggar patriarch, Jinger and Jeremy remain close with Jessa and Ben Seewald. If anyone was informed of the decision prior to the announcement, it was the couple that introduced them in the first place.

Were Jim Bob and Jinger ever close?

Blame it on the fire in her eyes, or the signature eye-roll she was known for in the early seasons of 19 Kids and Counting, but Jim Bob Dugger never seemed particularly close to Jinger. While heavy favoritism towards Jill “Jilly Bean” Duggar was visible from early on, Jinger got to hang out in the background. Sure, the family was saddened by Jinger’s move to Texas and the moratorium she placed on family visits when first married, but it seemed to effect Michelle and the sisters far more than good ole Jim Bob.

Jim Bob also failed to show for the birth of Jinger’s first child; although Michele made the trip to Laredo to welcome baby Felicity, Jim Bob stayed home with the rest of the family and literally phoned it in. Both of Jeremy’s parents made the trek from Pennsylvania to meet their first grandchild.

Is the big move to LA causing a rift in the family?

Jinger and Jessa have always been extra close as siblings, and she took it particularly hard when Jinger moved out to Texas. Some people theorize that Jinger’s move to Los Angeles might prompt Jessa to do the same, leading to a rift in the family.

Jim Bob and Michelle both seemed to have planned to keep their kids close; considering the tears that were shed when Josh – pre-scandals – moved up the seaboard to take a job in the Nation’s capital. If Jinger’s move prompts Jessa or another Duggar to fly the coop family drama may be imminent.