‘Counting On’: Does Derick Dillard Have A New Job as a Food Delivery Driver?

Derick Dillard is officially employed – at least he seems to have a new job. The father of two who famously got his family booted from Counting On recently let fans on a little secret; he is delivering for Grubhub. The food delivery giant has spread across the country like wildfire over the last five years. Now, Derick is working directly for them as an independent contractor. The snapshot might put to rest fan questions about how the family of four is making ends meet while Derick pursues higher education, but how long the father of two will stick with the delivery gig remains to be seen.

Derick’s work history is confusing

Dillard, 30, graduated from Oklahoma State University with a degree in accounting. He briefly worked for Walmart in the accounting department before quitting the gig to take on a mission trip to South America.

Since returning home from the family’s stint in South America, Derick appeared to be without gainful employment. Sure, he had a couple of jobs here and there, but nothing seemed to stick. Then, Derick decided to enroll in law school, and many fans assumed Jill was pulling the majority of weight financially for the family.

Jill has been hard at work on the family’s blog and has grown her social media influence substantially over the last two years. Derick has been quizzed on the family finances regularly, and he insists they owe their good fortune to proper budgeting.

Some fans are curious about the father of two’s new gig

While many fans were happy to see Derick contributing to the financial well-being of his family, others had some questions. One fan questioned why Derick would choose to deliver food for GrubHub when he has a degree in accounting. The answer to that question is pretty simple. Grubhub allows its drivers to work at times that are most convenient for them.

According to Reuters, Grubhub is a “gig-economy” company. According to the company’s website, Grubhub drivers can make their own schedule, picking hours based on their changing schedule. They work as independent contractors. Since Derick is in law school, making his own hours would undoubtedly appeal.

How long has Derick been delivering for GrubHub?

Derick stopped short of telling fans how long he’s been working for the food delivery giant. It can be assumed, however, based on the pictures, that this is a brand new gig for the law school student. Derick seemingly took to Instagram to show off his new merch, which included two Grubhub delivery bags. The insulated containers are used across the food delivery industry to keep food warm from destination to destination.

Grubhub allows its contractors to either use the Grubhub branded insulated bags or purchase their own. Derick apparently preferred to the branded swag. How much he’ll be making as a driver is unknown, as well. Drivers are paid per completed delivery. While it’s advertised that drivers should make around $10 per hour, many drivers have noted that there are days were they make far less. Their total earnings are almost entirely dependent on the area they drive and how popular food delivery is.