‘Counting On’: Does Jessa Duggar Feel Guilty for Having a Baby After Lauren Duggar’s Miscarriage?

We’ve been watching the Duggars for years thanks to TLC’s shows like 19 Kids and Counting, and we’re learning even more about the huge family on this season of Counting On. While it all started with Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar sharing their lives with their 19 kids on camera, we’re now paying more attention than ever to Jessa, Jana, Jinger, and all the other kids who are marrying and starting their own families.

Jessa’s been a fan favorite for years, and recently, she had her third child, Ivy. We can’t forget that there are other expecting Duggars, too, one of whom is Josiah’s wife, Lauren. Before Lauren’s current pregnancy, she miscarried, and she talked about the loss on the show. Jessa also talked about Lauren’s miscarriage, as they were both pregnant at the same time — and it seems Jessa may feel some guilt over having Ivy when Lauren never got to hold her first child.

Jessa and Lauren Duggar were pregnant at the same time

The Duggar family visits 'Extra' at their New York studios
The Duggar family visits ‘Extra’ at their New York studios | D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

We know the Duggars absolutely adore kids, and when Jessa announced she was having her third child, it wasn’t too surprising. What shocked fans more was that multiple Duggars were pregnant at the same time. And Josiah and Lauren Duggar were also happily expecting their first child at the same time as Jessa’s third pregnancy.

Many fans didn’t know Lauren was with child at the same time as Jessa, however. While Jessa posted Instagram updates for her followers when she knew she was pregnant with baby No. 3, Lauren didn’t really open up about her child until she miscarried.

“At first, we kind of wanted to just stay quiet about the news, but knew that since everyone is anticipating for us to announce that were having a baby, we felt like it was time that we told everyone that our first and only baby is in heaven,” Lauren wrote on Instagram. “Our expectations of setting up a baby room, hearing the heart beat, feeling the baby’s first kick in mommys tummy, holding our little one and getting to to see our precious baby were – Shattered. Gone.”

Lauren Duggar talked about her miscarriage on ‘Counting On’

Lauren didn’t just discuss her miscarriage on Instagram. She also talked about it with her mom and Michelle on this season of Counting On, as both older women have had miscarriages in the past. And Josiah even appeared on camera to tell viewers that he and Lauren have been spending as much time as possible together to get through the loss and move forward.

“Going through a miscarriage is very hard,” Lauren told the cameras. “It’s hard to talk about it … it’s not pretty, it’s horrible, and some people feel ashamed by it.” Michelle then added that while she can’t completely identify with Lauren’s pain, she’s doing her best to empathize and be there for her daughter-in-law.

Jessa opened up about how Lauren’s miscarriage made her feel

It wasn’t just Michelle who remarked on Lauren’s miscarriage. Jessa also took to Instagram following Lauren’s miscarriage to share her feelings of sadness for her sister-in-law. “As we look forward to meeting our baby, we’re also feeling an exceptional amount of grief over my brother Josiah and sister-in-law Lauren’s loss of their baby. Lauren and I shared the exact same due date. We have cried so many tears, both together and apart,” Jessa wrote. And she also talked to the cameras this season about the situation.

“I feel like with Lauren and I having the exact same due date, it’s caused me to be even more aware of her emotions,” Jessa said. “There can be a tendency to, as a pregnant lady, to complain, and then to see Lauren having lost that and how much it was something that was desired on her part, it really makes me more aware of the words that I speak. I honestly don’t even know how she does it.” Jessa then added that it “brings tears” to her eyes when Lauren asks her how Ivy is doing.

It seems Jessa might feel a bit guilty for having a healthy baby girl after what Lauren’s been through. But we know Lauren and Jessa are ultra-close, so there would never be any ill-will on Lauren’s part. And now that Josiah and Lauren are expecting again, we’re sure Jessa is more excited than ever to welcome another Duggar into the world!

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