‘Counting On’: Does Lawson Bates Comment on Every One of Jana Duggar’s Instagram Posts?

Since fans have been keeping up with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s kids on 19 Kids and Counting, viewers have chosen their favorites. And while Jessa, Jill, and Jinger Duggar, who are a few of the oldest Duggar daughters, certainly get a lot of attention, we can’t forget about Jana. Jana Duggar is currently 29 years old — and while she certainly seems to take pride in caring for her younger siblings in the big Duggar household, fans would love to see her leave it all behind and go her own way. Not only that, but fans would really love to see her court and marry the man of her dreams.

If there’s any potential suitor who seems perfect for Jana, it’s Lawson Bates. Bates is also from a fundamentalist Christian family of 19, and he seems to be leaving flirty comment after flirty comment on Jana’s Instagram. Here’s the latest collection of written responses from him.

Jana Duggar remains single at almost 30 years old

The Duggars are known for entering courtships young, getting married quickly, and having children as soon as possible. But such is not the case for Jana. While she’s certainly open to finding the right man for her so she can finally live on her own, she’s also totally OK with waiting for the right person to come along. Her single status has brought about a lot of speculation over the years, however. Many fans seem to think Jim Bob and Michelle are actually keeping her in the house to help care for her younger siblings.

Jana’s noticed the comments regarding her relationship status, however, and she’s even responded to some of her Instagram followers who question why she’s still single. As she wrote on this Instagram photo, “Still searching for Mr. Right. In the words of Michael Bublé, ‘Just haven’t met [him] yet!'”

Bates commented on many of her Instagram posts

She may be single, but that doesn’t mean men don’t have an interest in courting Jana. And it’s highly suspected that Lawson Bates has a thing for the oldest Duggar daughter. He’s been commenting on many of her Instagram posts for months — and fans have certainly noticed.

On Jana’s recent post showing how she’s renovating a schoolhouse, Bates commented, “Yessss this” along with prayer hands. On Jana’s next recent post congratulating her brother, John, and her sister-in-law, Abbie, on their pregnancy, Bates also extended his congratulations on the post as well. Then, on this photo of Jana at the Tontitown Grape Festival, Bates commented, “Doin life right” — and those are but a few examples. Bates has been leaving comments on Jana’s Instagram since she joined the social media platform earlier this year.

Fans would love for them to court

If there’s any pairing fans want to see, it’s Jana and Lawson. Every time Bates adds his commentary on Jana’s posts, fans take note — and they usually also comment their own encouraging words. On the photo of Jana at the festival, a fan commented under Bates wrote, “just saying you two are beautiful people and maybe a beautiful possible couple.” And on the photo of Jana’s latest restoration, another fan commented, “@lawbates court her already.”

If Jana and Bates really are planning on dating, they’re certainly doing a good job of keeping it out of the public eye. And some have even suspected that Bates flew out to Arkansas recently just to see Jana, according to In Touch Weekly. We’re all waiting anxiously for Jana to live life on her own with the man of her dreams — and we know her sisters are looking for her perfect match, too, as Jessa has successfully played matchmaker before with Jinger. Hopefully, we’ll get even more insight into Jana’s love life as she posts more to the ‘gram.

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