‘Counting On’: Does the Duggar Family Listen to Lawson Bates’ Music?

Anyone who’s watched more than one episode of TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting or the spinoff show, Counting On, can agree on one thing: the Duggars aren’t like most families. For starters, they have a much larger family size than the national average. But that’s because above all, the Duggars have a deep commitment to their faith that permeates every aspect of their lives.

The Duggars don’t care if their lifestyle is countercultural – in fact, they seem to thrive on living life differently. Their fans are so supportive and can’t stop watching every little thing members of the Duggar family do.

But when it comes to music, do they make one tiny exception to their strict rules? What about when it comes to their friends, the Bates family?

What kind of music does the Duggar family enjoy?

One way the Duggars reject modern societal norms is with the music they listen to – and don’t listen to. Like television, movies, and other media, any non-secular music is expressly prohibited in the Duggar household. Church hymns? Yes. Beyoncé? No way.

Contrary to popular belief, the Duggar family does enjoy music and even came out with their own album once. Even though classical music isn’t religious, they do make an exception and listen to it because it “opens your mind and causes you to be able to think better,” said Jim Bob Duggar in an interview.

But fans can’t help but wonder if the Duggars listen to one particular form of secular music – namely, Lawson Bates’ country music.

Who is the Bates family?

The Duggars met the Bates family years ago when both were at a conference together. As Jim Bob explained, “Back about 15 years ago, I went to a conference, and I walked in and I saw this family with, like, seven or eight kids sitting around a table. And I said ‘This kinda looks like my family.’”

The families became friends and have remained close for years. Coincidentally, both the Duggars and the Bates family wound up with 19 children! Fans of both have eagerly waited to see if a courtship might happen to officially join the two households. It seems likely enough.

Is Lawson Bates courting Jana Duggar?

Duggar fans are eagerly awaiting a courtship announcement for Jana Duggar, the eldest daughter who still lives at home with her parents and helps homeschool the little ones. For now, she seems content to live the single life. But if Duggar fans have anything to do with it, they’d love to see Jana get together with Lawson Bates, the oldest Bates son.

But the thing about Lawson Bates is he’s a musician and he doesn’t play strictly Christian themed music (even though he’s a devout Christian). Instead, Bates performs country music. That leads to the next obvious question – do the Duggars listen to Lawson Bates’ music?

The Duggars performed with Lawson Bates

As it turns out, they do – at least sometimes. In December 2015, Lawson Bates posted a video of himself performing the song “Blue Christmas” with Jason and Joy Anna Duggar. While the song is Christmas themed, it’s not technically religious. But the Duggars apparently made an exception for that tune. Lawson also tweeted a video of himself performing “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” on the Duggars’ piano.

Maybe the more lax rules of the Bates family are rubbing off on the Duggars? They probably won’t be allowing hardcore hip hop music at home anytime soon, but it’s reasonable to think they listen to Lawson Bates’ music on occasion!