‘Counting On’: Duggar Fans are in a Frenzy over Jason Duggar’s Rumored Courtship

Love might be in the air, once again, in the Duggar household. A lot has happened for the family in the last 365 days. Engagements have been announced, marriages have taken place, and babies have been born, but with 19 kids there is no slowing down. Fans of the famous family think that love might be in the air for one of the younger Duggar boys, and his courtship partner is closer to the clan than you might think!

Everything we know about Jason Duggar

Jason Duggar is the 12th child born to Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. Stuck in the middle of six boys in a row, beginning with twins Jeremiah and Jedidiah and ending with Jackson’s birth in 2004, fans don’t know a whole lot about the Duggar son. Jason and his brothers just didn’t get the airtime that his older siblings and youngest siblings received during the family’s original show, but he has popped up in recent months in the family’s spinoff Counting On.

Jason, who was born in April 2000 has been hard at work saving money. The soon-to-be 19-year-old purchased a house, with the help of his father in 2017 and recently flipped the property for a neat profit, according to In Touch Weekly. Jason, much like his brother Joseph is a hands-on learner who has been heavily relied on for repairs. His parlay into house flipping seems natural, especially considering his older sister, Joy-Anna is also in the flipping business with her husband, Austin Forsyth.

Aside from Joy-Anna the rest of the Duggar family is involved in the Arkansas real estate landscape. John David famously purchased a house in 2013, according to Romper. The announcement of his home purchase sparked rumors that the quiet Duggar son was ready to settle down. John, however, had different plans. He married Abbie Burnett in the summer of 2018. The couple’s courtship is now being featured on Counting On.  Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar own a variety of residential and commercial properties close to home.

Who is Jason Duggar’s mystery woman?

Jason has been linked to Lauren Caldwell, the younger sister of Kendra Caldwell. Kendra married Joseph Duggar in 2018, and the pair now share a son. While rumors were sparked that a love triangle existed between Joseph, Kendra and Jedidiah Duggar, no one noticed that Lauren was appearing in a lot of Duggar pictures.

According to Ok! Magazine, some eagle-eyed fans noticed that Lauren was regularly positioned next to Jason in several pictures during a mission trip in Greece last month. After some digging, fans uncovered photos of the pair posing together last fall in an airport. The photo, taken by Anna Duggar, further fueled the speculation. Fans surmised that Anna was chaperoning the couple.

Lauren, 18, has appeared on several episodes of Counting On alongside her sister Kendra. Kendra, 20, is less than two years older than her younger sister, making the pair close. Lauren nor the Duggar family have commented on the courtship rumors.

When will the couple announce their courtship?

If Jason and Lauren are courting, the family might be waiting to announce the family’s next romantic relationship until the focus on John’s wedding dies down. The Duggar family is notorious for staggering their announcement to ensure fans remain interested in the family.

The current season of Counting On, currently airing on TLC is heavily focused on John and his impending nuptials, as well as Jinger’s parlay into parenthood with her first child, Felicity. Jason may be waiting to announce a new romance until the season wraps.

Another possibility is that Jason is not courting anyone, and he and Lauren happen to be friends. Fans of the show have been wrong before. After all, Jana Duggar has been linked to everyone from Lawson Bates to Tim Tebow since 2012, but she still hasn’t announced a courtship.