‘Counting On’: Duggar Fans Find These Duggar Wedding Tradition Super Creepy

When you have 19 kids like the Duggars, you are probably going to host more than a couple of weddings. So far, fans have watched eight of the 19 kids head down the aisle. While each wedding has been customized to meet the wants and desires of the people getting married, there are a few tradition none of the Duggar kids have managed to shake. The traditions that show up at each and every wedding happen to be the ones that fans find most creepy.

Jim Bob’s sex talk with his sons

While only one sex talk has been filmed for television, Reddit fans note that all the Duggar boys who head down the aisle are treated to an undoubtedly awkward conversation about sex just moments before they get married. Joshua’s chat with Jim Bob was filmed for 19 Kids and Counting. The eldest Duggar boy received an audiobook as well as a hardcover guide to help him figure things out.

TLC made the intelligent decision to forgo filming the scene with the other boys following Joshua’s scandals, but apparently, it happens before each wedding. Rumor has it that Joseph declined the reading material when it was offered. The girls don’t get to avoid a similar chat, either. Their mother, however, gives out advice about keeping a marriage fresh and happy just a few short minutes before they have their very first kiss.

The giant guest list with very little food

If you have a ton of siblings, odds are you are probably not going to have a small wedding, but the supersized nature of the Duggar nuptials creep some fans out. Over 1000 guests have been invited to several of the Duggar family weddings, and very little in the way of food and drink is provided for those guests.

According to People, Jill Duggar invited over 2,000 people when she married Derick Dillard in 2014. While “only” around 1,000 people attended, it’s certainly much larger than your average affair. According to Bustle, the average wedding has around 120 guests.

When you’re feeding over 1,000 people, you probably have to go a little light on the refreshments, but the Duggar family goes lighter than most. Jessa’s wedding reception was an ice cream only affair. She also held the reception in a parking lot. John David offered his guests waffles and cereal when he married Abbie Burnett in 2018. The reception took place in an airplane hangar.

When a Duggar steals the show

With 18 siblings, it’s probably hard to carve out a moment in the spotlight. The wedding day should be that day, but the Duggar kids seem to enjoy stealing the show out from under each other. Between the wedding day pranks that Josiah enjoyed pulling on his brothers, to Joseph proposing in the middle of his sister’s reception, the Duggar kids don’t’ seem to conform to social expectations.

Fans have noted the entire situation is strange, and every wedding seems to feature at least one non-marrying sibling vying for attention. The tradition doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon, either. Fans are left waiting to see exactly what will happen at the next Duggar family wedding. There are currently no courting Duggar kids (that we know of) so it might be a long wait.