‘Counting On’ Episode 3 Recap: Sleepless in Laredo

Counting On has moved into its third episode of the season, and there are significant changes for the Duggar clan. Not only is John-David now engaged, but Josiah and Lauren have returned from their honeymoon and Jeremy and Jinger are getting into the swing of being parents.

Jana has been put to work

Jana “always the bridesmaid, never the bride” Duggar is at it again with wedding preparations. This time she is planning her brother John-David’s wedding which is sure to be a logistical nightmare because the pair don’t expect to wed in Arkansas.

Lauren Swanson, the newest member of the Duggar family, has thrown herself in the mix to help with flowers. Swanson promises she’ll get the job done, but admits she’s never actually done flowers before; things could get interesting.

Jana enlists the help of several brothers to help her figure some things out. John-David and Abbie are on the way to check out Jana’s plans. Thankfully, they like what she’s done, since she’s built an entire canopy in the middle of the Duggar family living room, and even set up pews to mimic a church. That girl has a lot of time on her hands.

Later in the episode, poor Jana is once again dragged across the country to play the happy helper. John and Abbie take Jana with them to check out the airplane hanger where they’ll be hosting their reception. She gets the fun job of sourcing portable bathrooms for the reception. Clearly, John and Jana are incredibly close, because a lesser sibling would have told him to kick rocks at this point.

 Jinger’s baby won’t sleep

Jinger and Jeremy are trying to get back into the swing of things at home in Texas, but Felicity is having none of it. Jinger is breastfeeding, and Felicity is a late night snacker, it seems. Jeremy is up with Jinger while she rocks the baby. He even offers to whip up a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Felicity doesn’t yet understand his dad jokes, though, because she wasn’t amused by his suggestion.

Veteran mom and dad, Jessa and Ben, weigh in on the problems with felicity in an interview segment. The parents of two are currently pregnant with their third child. They agree there isn’t much to do in the newborn phase other than rock the baby back to sleep. Jinger is confident that in the next three years she’ll get some sleep. She seems eerily okay with that prospect.

Lauren and Josiah announce a pregnancy

Lauren and Josiah announce that they are expecting a child shortly after they returned from their honeymoon. They are planning to tell the entire family at a family dinner. Lauren crafts a tee-shirt to announce to the families that she and Josiah are preparing to welcome a child.

She takes off her sweater at the family dinner to show off her shirt, and the crowd goes wild. Lauren’s sister was the first to notice her shirt, and her reaction was epic. Although, their announcement came when only half the family was in the room, so they had to reiterate what was going on for the Duggar’s who were passing through.

Ben tutors the Duggar kids

To fill in the episode’s gap, TLC filmed Ben Seewald tutoring the younger Duggar kids in math. While he may be a father of two, he’s no match for the horde of Duggars who still need an education. Ben is bringing some flair to the Duggar’s dinner with a North African chicken dish. Too bad Jill isn’t in the house to take lessons, because the recipe looks pretty good.

 Ben explains how to turn a recipe for four into a dinner for 40 hungry guests. I’m not even sure Anne Burrell would take on the challenge, but Ben seems okay with the idea. They craft a giant recipe then head on out to the store to get all of the ingredients.

Next time on Counting On

Next time Jessa, Kendra and the gang are going to compete to create a groom’s cake for John-David’s wedding. Not every cake turns out well. Also, Siah and Lauren announce they miscarried the pregnancy they just announced in what looks like a heartbreaking interview segment. Jeremy and Jinger bring Felicity for her checkup.