‘Counting On’ Episode Recap: ‘Jinger Has a Baby’

Counting on Season 9 is officially underway. Last week we were treated to an episode that recapped John’s proposal to Abbie, but this week, things are back to normal. The second episode of the season focuses entirely on Jinger and baby Felicity, and Josiah and Lauren as they traverse Austria.

Jinger Heads to the Hospital

After checking in with her midwife, it is go-time for Jinger and Jeremy. While she is not in active labor, Jinger is really concerned about going past her due date and having a baby that is too large to be delivered naturally. The issue plagued several of her sisters, so she hopes to avoid the entire problem by being induced.

Jana, her friend Laura, Jeremy and Michelle are all with Jinger in San Antonio for the birth. Jinger gets admitted, starts some mild induction procedures and basically hangs out in the hospital room. Nothing much is happening right away, so Jana whips out some games to make the time pass.

Switching over to Josiah and Lauren

Josiah and Lauren’s wedding was documented in Season 8, but in case you missed it, the TLC camera crew offers a quick recap before filming the couple as they navigate through an airport. Josiah and Lauren are headed to Austria for their honeymoon.

While Siah and Lauren find their first hotel, TLC producers ask the other married Duggars how the pair should best enjoy their honeymoon. Jeremy wiggles his eyebrows, Kendra giggles like a schoolgirl and Jessa and Jinger assure the audience that they’ll figure it out.

With the cringe-worthy interview segment out of the way, Josiah and Lauren take a hot rod tour of the city. It looks like no one told Lauren that they’d be in tiny cars on the street next to real cars. She seems utterly terrified the whole time, but Siah certainly seems to be enjoying himself.

They follow up their hot rod racing with an attempt at coffee. The couple has never actually enjoyed a cup of java but decide to give it a shot. The production crew quizzes the Duggar kids on the difference between espresso, lattes, and coffee before everything cuts back to Jinger. We never find out if Josiah and Lauren manage to get over the language barrier to order beverages.

Back in San Antonio

Back at the hospital, Jinger starts a Pitocin drip after the more gentle induction procedures fail to yield results. She has been at it for 14 hours and isn’t dilating. Jana has pulled out some puzzles to keep everyone occupied.

Jeremy is looking pretty exhausted by the whole ordeal, but his parents’ arrival buoys his spirits. They have flown in from Philadelphia to witness the birth of their first grandchild. Between the Duggars, the Vuolos and the medical staff the room is getting pretty cramped.

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Jinger opts for an epidural, and it clearly made something happen, because not long after its time to push. Felicity Nicole Vuolo was born at 4:39 am. She weighed 8lbs 3oz and was 19 inches long, significantly smaller than the most recent Duggar grandchildren.

Jessa and Ben show up around 6 am to welcome Felicity into the world. Jinger looks ecstatic to see her bestie sister in the state of Texas for the baby’s arrival.

Back in Austria

Josiah and Lauren’s time in Austria isn’t done yet. They take a The Sound of Music bike tour, visiting many of the sites from the movie. Apparently, both Siah and Lauren are big fans of the film. Siah explains that due to restrictions on television and movie watching, The Sound of Music is one of the few films he has seen. They act goofy together and reenact parts of the movie. Jeremy reminds the world that he didn’t grow up like these people by telling producers his favorite movie is A Beautiful Mind.

The next stop is a working farm somewhere in Austria, where a family agrees to take on Josiah and Lauren. They help with chores, wear traditional clothing and even milk a goat. Before long they are having dinner with the family, and all seems to be well.

Wrapping up the episode

Jinger and Jeremy arrive home with baby Felicity and marvel at her. She is a rather beautiful baby. They change her diaper, Jeremy tries to figure out the Diaper Genie, and Jinger laughs at him. That’s how the episode ends, completely anticlimactically.

Next week viewers will watch as Josiah and Lauren announce a pregnancy. Trailers for the show have since revealed that Lauren suffered a miscarriage not long after, so it will be interesting to see how the TLC staff covers the pregnancy news and impending miscarriage.

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