‘Counting On’ Fans Absolutely Can’t Stand This Part of the Duggar Weddings

From odd dating rituals to strange family traditions, the Duggars are known for being quite the spectacle. It all began with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, two Christian fundamentalists who willingly shared their way of life and the parenting of their 19 children with TLC over the years. And now that their kids are growing up fast, a number of the older Duggar kids are married and have families of their own.

While the Duggars are a frugal bunch, there’s no doubt their wedding day is a huge deal in their community, and we’ve seen them go all-out for the occasion. It seems there is one aspect of their wedding days that their fans really can’t get behind. Here’s what it is.

A Duggar wedding typically includes over 1,000 guests

Anyone who’s familiar with the Duggars knows their wedding day is a massive occasion. The Duggar women make it known that they dream of their big day since childhood, and finding the perfect man is certainly part of the equation. All courtships must be approved by Jim Bob before they can occur, and after that, certain rules must be followed. These include no touching (even hand-holding and hugging aren’t allowed), and all dates are to be monitored by a chaperone to make sure nothing impure is going on. And of course, the first kiss occurs on the wedding day itself.

The guest list for a Duggar wedding is massive, too. It’s typical for the church to hold over 1,000 guests in attendance for the day, and the guest list seems to include members of the church community that the family associates with. Jim Bob still keeps everything on a strict budget, however, so for this reason, the weddings typically only provide small snack offerings for their guests. The family reportedly keeps each special occasion between $10,000 to $20,000 — not bad considering how many folks are invited.

Fans hate the harsh music the Duggars walk down the aisle to

Fans love to hate on the Duggar traditions, and there have been plenty of critics of their weddings over the years, too. Out of everything that could be picked apart for the Duggar weddings, however, it seems the music gets a particularly bad rap. One fan on Reddit noted that after watching John-David and Abbie Duggar’s wedding, they couldn’t help but notice the off-putting piano music that played while Abbie was walking down the aisle. As the fan wrote, “the music played at the wedding (usually when the bride is walking down the aisle) is SO harsh haha it’s always piano and it sounds like the person is smashing their hands on it!!”

Others agreed in the comments section of the thread, too — and fans concluded the piano music is played by Erin Bates from the other huge Christian fundamentalist family featured on Bringing Up Bates. Another fan included a laughing emoji and commented, “I live for Erin bates angry banging the piano keys! That girl has got some serious pent up aggression.”

There have been a number of memorable wedding moments we’ll never forget, too

Erin Bates’ harsh piano music was enough to warrant its own Reddit thread it seems, but that’s certainly not the only moment fans remember from the Duggar weddings. From the strange food choices (Jessa wanted an ice cream sundae bar instead of a traditional cake, for example), to the wedding gowns that have ranged from frumpy to gorgeous, there’s always something to critique at a Duggar celebration.

Perhaps the most iconic Duggar wedding moment was at Jessa’s wedding, too. While her 1,000+ guests eagerly awaited her first kiss to husband Ben Seewald, Jessa and Ben made a mad dash from the altar once they were pronounced husband and wife in order to have their first kiss in private. The bridal party and groomsmen quickly followed the couple out the door, too, and Jessa and Ben later remarked on the experience. “Our first kiss was nice, slow, and romantic,” Jessa said. And while we have yet to see another Duggar couple run from the church to have their first kiss, we wouldn’t be too surprised if it happened again.

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