‘Counting On’ Fans Accuse Amy Duggar of Photoshopping and Staging Her Instagram Photos

Amy Duggar has over 400,000 Instagram followers. While the vast majority of those followers appear to be fans of the reality TV personality and clothing boutique owner, she’s garnered her fair share of criticism, too. Since giving birth to her first child on Oct. 9, 2019, Amy has taken to Instagram to share photos of her new addition. While pictures of Daxton are undeniably cute, followers have taken issue with some of the more heavily curated photos she’s posted recently.

Are Amy Duggar’s photo staged?

Fans seem to think Amy is bidding for a job as an influencer, just like her cousins’ Jill Duggar and Jinger Duggar. The mother of one recently shared a snapshot, that, while sweet on the surface, have fans pretty peeved. In the photo, Amy is seen allegedly sleeping on her couch, holding her young son. There is hot tea in her hand, ice water against her leg, and her eyes are closed.

While Amy reported that the snapshot was a candid moment captured by her mother, Deanna Duggar, fans are calling nonsense. Several fans noted that a genuinely sleeping person wouldn’t be able to grip the hot tea she’s holding, and the ice water resting on her leg likely would have spilled.

Reddit users believe that the clothing boutique owner is making a bid to become a mom influencer with her recent photos. Either that or she wants to make motherhood look a bit more glamorous than it really is. Fans have accused Amy of engaging in humble brags and bids for attention for years, though.

Amy is the second Duggar to be called out for photoshopping photos

Amy’s staged images aren’t the only problem that followers have with her recent photos. Several Reddit users have called the Duggar cousin out on photoshopping a recent photo that appeared in her Instagram Story. The photo shows Amy hanging out with other women, but there is something a bit wonky about the snapshot. It’s apparent that she photoshopped the image to make herself appear thinner. Not only does her arm look a bit unnatural, but Amy’s handbag strap is warped, indicating she’s tried to manipulate the photo.

In recent months, Jana Duggar was called out for photoshopping an image, too. While Jana didn’t change herself in the photo, she did decide to add some modesty to the women standing behind her. In the picture, Jana photoshopped skirts on two girls that appear in the background of her photo. Fans assume the pair were minding their own business in their shorts when the photo was taken. Jana received backlash for the decision.

How often are Instagram photos staged or manipulated?

According to HootSuite, the average Instagram user will spend 28 minutes on the platform each day. Much of their time on the platform is spent scrolling through images posted by other people. Some of the people they follow they may know in real life, but the majority of people being followed are influencers or Instagram models. Of the models and influencers featured on the platform, the majority will manipulate or re-touch their photos in some way.

According to Insider, several influencers are now bucking the trend and offering the raw reality of their lives. Side-by-side photos showing the winning shots and the outtakes that got them there are garnering a great deal of attention. Noone is really made about curated content. It’s not like photo manipulation, and the staging of photos was a massive secret. Everyone knew it was happening. Followers of Amy Duggar seem more peeved that the mother of one is trying to pass off her posed photos as a candid “reality” when it’s anything but.