‘Counting On’ Fans Accuse Lauren Swanson Of Ignoring Social Distancing Guidelines — Even Around Baby Bella

Counting On star Lauren Swanson has found herself in the hot seat. The entire world is battling the spread of the coronavirus via social distancing and self-isolation, yet Counting On fans are accusing some of the Duggars, i.e. Swanson, of ignoring the advice of medical professionals. How are the Duggars responding to the coronavirus pandemic?

Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson
‘Counting On’ stars Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson | Josiah Duggar via Instagram

These Duggars are practicing social distancing

To be fair, some members of the Duggar family are practicing social distancing. According to The Hollywood Gossip, Jessa Duggar is self-isolating at her house with her husband and their children.

Counting On fans can rest assured that Jessa is also avoiding being around her parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. Not only does the coronavirus give her an excuse to stay away, but she has also been rebelling against her father’s strict rules — so it is probably best she says away.

Jessa is doing her part staying at home, but some fans recently criticized her for not disinfecting things around her children. But at least Jessa is trying her best to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Unfortunately, we cannot say the same about some of her other family members, who recently ignored calls for social distancing.

‘Counting On’ fans slam Lauren for ignoring social distancing guidelines

Counting On fans slammed Lauren on Instagram after the Duggars shared a video of a “family night” they recently hosted. In the clip, Lauren, who is married to Josiah Duggar, is shown sitting very close to Kendra Caldwell while a bunch of people is seen walking around in the room.

Fans counted a total of 18 people in the video, many of them sitting well within six feet of each other. Some of the individuals in the clip are members of the Duggar clan, but fans did not recognize many of them.

Considering everything that is going on, Counting On viewers were very critical of the Duggars hosting the party in the first place.

“Why do they think it’s funny to put everyone at risk? And who is that couple there?,” one fan noted, while another added, “I thought that gatherings of more than 10 people were forbidden in the US.”

The Duggars live in Arkansas, a state that has yet to issue a stay-at-home order to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Some fans wondered if this is the reason the Duggars hosted the party, despite government warnings to the contrary.

What is Josiah Duggar doing these days?

Lauren is not the only member of her family who has faced criticisms this past week. Fans have also wondered what her husband, Josiah, has been up to in recent months.

Most of the men in the Duggar clan start working in one of Jim Bob’s many family businesses, but Josiah is the exception to the rule. Counting On fans have no idea what Josiah does for a living, which has raised questions about what he does all day.

“[Josiah is] always on social media during the day just hanging out. Another non-working Duggar couple. How nice life must be,” one fan wrote on social media. “I think he was working at Josh’s dealership… But that got shutdown so who knows.”

A few months ago, the Department of Homeland Security raided Josh Duggar’s dealership. We still do not know why the dealership was raided, but Josh has not reopened it. If the Counting On star was working there, he is likely out of a job.

When it comes to paying the bills, fans have long speculated that Jim Bob gives Josiah an allowance everything month, which could be how Josiah and Lauren are not going broke.

Josiah has not commented on the rumors surrounding his job.

‘Counting On’s’ Josiah and Lauren give an update on their daughter

While Counting On fans continue to slam the couple online, Josiah and Lauren recently gave their followers an update on their family. The couple posted several adorable pics of their 4-mont-old daughter, Bella, who looks about as sweet as ever.

“These 4 months with Bella have been the absolute sweetest!” the couple wrote. “This little angel greets everyone she meets with the biggest smile. We love this little girl to pieces and feel so blessed to be her parents! God is so good!”

Taking to Instagram, the pair also shared some pics of when they were babies and compared them to Bella’s baby photos. It is really difficult determining who Bella favors more, but she definitely takes after both of her parents.

That said, we have a feeling she will show more of her Duggar side as she gets older. After all, the gene pool for the Duggars seems to be very strong.

Counting On fans reacted positively to the pics, something that Josiah and Lauren probably appreciated very much.

TLC has not announced when the new season of Counting On will premiere.