‘Counting On’ Fans Are Amazed By Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth’s Latest Project

Counting On is back, and Duggar fans get to watch their favorite family members on the small screen and see what they’re up to next. And it seems there’s been a lot of interest in Joy-Anna Duggar and husband Austin Forsyth. Joy-Anna and Austin have a young son, Gideon, and are featured heavily on the show. And while the Duggar women are known for taking care of their husbands and the kids, it seems this couple works together to take on an entirely different kind of project — and that’s flipping houses.

Joy-Anna posts all about her home projects to her and her husband’s Instagram. And it seems their most recent project is blowing fans’ minds. Here’s what they’re up to.

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth are currently living in a camper

While some of Jim Bob and Michelle’s kids have recently moved into new homes, Joy-Anna and Austin are taking a different approach. Back in August, Joy-Anna posted a video to her Instagram explaining what she and her husband are up to — and she showed off their new mobile home, too. “A bunch of you guys have been asking what Austin and I are doing and where we’re living, and so I wanted to give you guys an update,” Joy-Anna said in her video. And she then panned over to her current home — a 32-foot-long camper.

Since announcing her current digs, Joy-Anna has also posted some details about what camper life is really like. “Since living in the camper we do laundry about once a week. Which means we’ve got 2-3 loads to tackle,” she captioned this post showing Gideon in front of the dryer. And when she posted a series of photos of her and Austin embracing each other in their home, it had many asking how they remodeled the RV to look so inviting.

They’re working on building a home to sell

Part of the reason Joy-Anna and Austin are currently living in a mobile home is because they’re building a new home that they can sell. As Joy-Anna explained in her Instagram video about her current project, “First of all, we just started building a new house to sell, not for us to live in, but we did one last year and we did really well and so we’re excited to be starting another one,” she mentioned.

While Joy-Anna and Austin recently took a trip with a few of the Duggar boys out to Colorado, they’re both back home now and ready to continue their home projects on their RV and the home they’re building. “Got this project done in record time!” Joy-Anna captioned this post that shows a new tile backsplash in the kitchen of the home they’re building to sell.

Their latest project posted to Instagram is blowing fans’ minds

A number of Duggar family members, like Josh’s wife, Anna, and Josiah and Lauren, commented positively on Joy-Anna’s post about the tiling. But they’re not the only ones. It seems Joy-Anna and Austin’s followers are also extremely impressed by the couple’s handiwork.

“Looks amazing! Hmm you two could be the next Joanna and Chip Gaines,” a follower commented on the backsplash tile post. Another wrote, “You two make such an awesome team! Looks so good!” Yet another added, “Is there anything yall can’t do?? Great job!”

It’s nice to see Joy-Anna and Austin working together on such an ambitious project, and we can’t wait to see it when it’s done. We’re hoping to get some updates on their living situation and house flipping ventures on this season of Counting On, too!

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