‘Counting On’ Fans Are Asking Jedidiah Duggar Why He Doesn’t Just Join the Military

This season of Counting On is well underway, and we’re learning a lot about the Duggars both on the show and on social media. And Jedidiah Duggar is surprising us the most. While we’ve been keeping up with his famous parents, Jim Bob and Michelle, as well as his famous siblings, like Jessa, Jill, and Jinger, over the years, Jed is growing up fast. And he even started up his own Instagram recently so fans can follow him.

While many suspected Jed joined Instagram because he’s been courting someone, that’s seemingly not the case. Instead, it seems Jed is going into politics. And on his recent Instagram post, many of his followers are suggesting he should just join the military instead. Here’s what they’re saying.

Jedidiah Duggar is headed into politics

We may know the Duggars best for their reality TV series, but we can’t forget that they have a history with going into politics, too. Jim Bob served as a member of the Republican party on the Arkansas House of Representatives from 1999 to 2002, and he ran for the senate after that. Now, Jed is following right in his father’s footsteps, as he’s also running to be an Arkansas State Representative.

As Jed captioned an Instagram post about his budding career, “I’m a Conservative. Pro-Life. Pro Second Amendment. Pro Religious Liberty. Combat the Opioid Crisis. Lower Taxes. More Jobs & Growth. Strong Economy.”

And he’s posted a number of photos showing how serious he is, including one where he’s at the State Capitol to file as a candidate for his district. “As your state representative, I will work to provide tax relief for hard-working taxpayers and small business owners in Springdale and across our state,” he captioned another photo of him talking seriously to an Arkansas resident.

He’s getting plenty of support from his family members for his choice

Jed isn’t just getting cheered on from his Instagram followers. It looks like he’s also getting serious support from the other Duggars, too. Jana posted a photo of herself with Jed and Jed’s twin, Jeremiah, at the Arkansas State Capitol.

“It was an honor to go to the Arkansas State Capitol today to watch my brother @jed_duggar file as a candidate for House District 89,” Jana captioned the post. “I’m so proud of the man he is and the heart he has for serving the community of Springdale!” 

Jana seems to be one of the few family members who actually attended Jed’s trip to the Capitol, but others have commented on his posts. Jed posted a photo of himself visiting veterans, and to that, Joy-Anna commented, “You have a heart of gold, Jed! Love you and the way you care for others!”

Fans think he should go into the military due to his recent post

Jed’s veteran post is getting a lot of fan attention. “It’s been a huge blessing getting to spend time with these veterans every week through our church’s veterans outreach. Such amazing lives!” he captioned the post. “I love hearing the stories they share, and singing their favorite songs and hymns with them. So grateful for their service to our country and the many lessons they have taught me personally!”

Jed’s time spent with veterans had many of his followers questioning why he doesn’t just go into the armed forces himself.

“You’re 20…why not join the armed services?” one follower asked. Another wrote, “Why don’t you or your brothers join up. Your country needs young men like you. Leave the politics to the older people, who have served.” And many others questioned if Jed or any of his siblings would ever join.

We doubt Jed will be going into the military since he’s made it clear he intends to continue into politics, but there are plenty of Duggars younger than him who have yet to choose their career path. Perhaps they’ll be swayed by Jed’s commitment to the vets every week!

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