‘Counting On’ Fans Are Asking Jessa Duggar Where She Gets All Her Money After Her Instagram Post

From family drama to legal scandals, the Duggars have been on reality TV and in the news for over a decade. And it all started with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. The infamous couple who are the parents of 19 kids attained fame for their huge family and Christian fundamentalist values — and now, we’re getting to see life through the lens of their adult children on TLC’s Counting On.

Fans all have their favorite Duggar family members, and Jessa has always been one of them. She and her husband, Ben Seewald, are navigating life with three kids: Spurgeon, Henry, and baby Ivy. And while Jessa’s always remarked on her thrifty nature, a recent Instagram post indicates their family just went all-out on Christmas gifts. Here’s what she posted.

The Duggars grew up on an ultra-strict budget

It wasn’t easy to feed and house 19 kids, but Jim Bob and Michelle made it work thanks to their strict budget. Michelle has talked to TLC about how she managed to make it work, too — and it all came down to cutting the right corners and buying food in bulk and clothes secondhand.

“We buy in bulk. … Whole grains are very filling but stretch the dollar. For example, we buy whole-grain brown rice,” Romper reports Michelle told TLC. “We can cook a meal of rice and add a little bit of meat and veggies and stretch the meal and fill our tummies. We also make our own homemade bread — we buy a 50-pound bag of wheat.”

As for clothing, the Duggars adore visiting thrift stores and creating cute outfits on the cheap. Jessa and Jill even talked about their love of buying secondhand and how they achieve their favorite styles that way.

Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald admitted they aren’t very organized with their finances

Fans may remember when Jessa was all about buying used and saving the difference, but times have changed. Now that she and Ben are making regular appearances on Counting On, we’re willing to bet they get a good paycheck from the program. As for if Ben works, that’s unclear.

Many may assume Jessa and Ben are great at handling their finances, too. But according to them, that’s not necessarily the case. “We’re not as organized with our finances as we probably ought to be, that’s something we talk about a lot,” Ben admitted on the show. And Jessa seemed to agree. She noted she likes spending more money on gifts for birthdays and baby showers whereas Ben enjoys going out to eat.

“We’ll have different things that we think it’s OK to spend more money on, and so we just have to be patient with one another and talk about these things,” Ben added.

Jessa’s Instagram post has fans wondering where the money’s coming from

It seems Jessa and Ben may have more money than any of their fans thought. Jessa posted a photo of Ben with piles of boxes from Amazon outside of their homes. She captioned the post, “@ben_seewald ‘Just been doing a little Christmas shopping, Babe.’”

“I’m surprised. I thought you prefer to buy used,” one fan commented.

“Where you getting all this money jess?” another asked.

And others seemed to scold Jessa and Ben for shopping on Amazon. “I still try to shop in the big box stores, and support small business Saturday cause we need to keep the Mom, and Pop business alive in this country!!”

We’re not sure exactly how much Jessa and Ben are making from Counting On, but it definitely looks like their family will be getting some nice gifts this year if their front step loaded with boxes is any indication!

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