‘Counting On’ Fans Are Calling Out Jill Duggar For Potentially Ruining Her Wedding Bouquet

We’ve been watching the Duggars for years on TLC’s Counting On and 19 Kids and Counting. And while there are plenty of family members fans adore keeping up with, like Jessa, Jinger, and Jana, everyone’s curious to know what Jill’s doing now that she and her husband, Derick Dillard, are no longer staples on the program.

While Derick infamously got himself removed from Counting On due to transphobic tweets against TLC co-star Jazz Jennings, he and Jill still maintain a serious Instagram presence. And Jill tends to overshare many aspects of her life on the ‘gram. Recently, she showed off a new decorating idea she had for her bathroom — but her fans are concerned she’s going to completely ruin her wedding bouquet. Here’s why.

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard are on a holiday decorating kick

The Duggars are ultra-religious and adore spending quality time together, so of course, they love Christmas. For Thanksgiving, the Duggar Family Instagram posted their huge feast that included, family, friends, and a whole lot of food. And we’re anticipating seeing many more holiday posts from the Duggar family, too.

As for Jill, she and Derick didn’t attend the Duggar Thanksgiving feast. Instead, they had their own “Friendsgiving” at their house, and they then went on to decorate their home with their two little boys, Israel and Samuel.

“We were so excited to finally put up our Christmas decorations for the first time in our new home!” Jill captioned her blog post about putting up some festive decor. And her photos showed off the lights she and Derick put up outdoors, the hanging wreaths and stockings, the sparkling tree, and snowflakes on the windows put up by Israel and Samuel.

Jill admitted she doesn’t decorate her home too often

Jill and Derick’s Christmas decorations look professionally done, but Jill recently admitted that when it comes to everyday decor, she doesn’t always know what she’s doing.

“I’m not that great at decorating, I’m super indecisive, yet kinda picky and get overwhelmed easily when trying to take on projects, + with having moved several times in the past few years my motivation to decorate and redecorate has lost some umph,” Jill captioned a post showing off some new decorations in her bathroom. She then added that she had a spark of inspiration when she opened a box containing her dried wedding bouquet and unity candle.

“I knew exactly where I wanted them to go…on the hanging shelf in our master bath!” Jill added. “I think it’s great to keep reminders of our love as decorations around our house and ones that are sentimental and spark joy like this are even better!”

Her fans are calling her out for almost ruining her wedding bouquet

Jill might’ve thought she had a moment of decorating genius with her bathroom wedding bouquet idea, but her fans quickly took to the comments of the post to let her know she was making a grave mistake.

“Don’t put your wedding bouquet in your bathroom. Put your bouquet in a shadow box for safe keeping,” one follower commented.

“You may want to keep the wedding bouquet in a covering, otherwise they become super brittle and dusty,” another wrote.

“The dried flowers can get moldy with humidity (but I love the shelf it’s cute),” yet another added.

Jill could’ve defended her decorating idea, but she seemed receptive to the advice given by her followers. “Oh…I didn’t know that! Thanks!” she responded to one of her followers who advised against keeping her bouquet in a moist environment.

We’re not sure if Jill will keep the bouquet in the bathroom or not. If she changes it up, we’re sure we’ll hear about it in yet another Instagram post!

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