‘Counting On’: Fans are Desperate To See Jana Move to Los Angeles

Super sleuths have figured out that Jana Duggar is spending some time out west. She appears to be solo on her trip, although she’s likely got an accountability partner in her younger sister, Jinger. After more than a few snapshots of Jana in California, fans are desperate to see the gardening guru find an independent lifestyle in the Golden State. Could it actually happen though?

What is Jana Duggar doing in California?

Jana Duggar doesn’t feel the need to fill the world in on her itinerary, but it’s clear that she is currently hanging out in Los Angeles. Several of her recent Instagram posts are at Los Angeles landmarks. While she has yet to appear in a photo with her young sister, Jinger, it’s obvious she’s spending time with the Vuolo family.

Jinger and her husband Jeremy Vuolo moved out to Los Angeles last month so that Jeremy could attend Master’s seminary. According to In Touch, the seminary program has a pretty infamous history. The couple has documented their move in recent Instagram posts.

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Farmers Market

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Jana seems to be enjoying some fun in the sun, but it’s likely her trip involved a little bit of work, too. She is often deployed to her sibling’s homes when they need some sort of help. Jana was on hand to help with a house decorating project when Jinger and Jeremy were living in Texas. She was also called to duty when John David wanted to propose to Abbie Burnett. It’s possible she flew out to the City of Angeles to help Jinger get settled into her new home.

Could Jana move away before she is married?

Sure, fans would love to see Jana find her own footing and live an independent life. That’s unlikely to happen though.  Simply put, it’s never been done, and Jana has never appeared to possess the free spirit that fans have detected in some of her younger siblings. In short, if someone is going to be a trailblazer, it probably won’t be Jana.

Jana would essentially be breaking every single one of the Duggar family rules if she were to up and move away without a husband in tow. In fact, moving away even with a husband would be a massive step. Only one Duggar has shed her Arkansas hometown. That Duggar, Jinger, has been pegged as the “wild child” of the family for over a decade.

With all that being said, Jana could technically do whatever she wants. She is a legal adult. The reality TV star seems to have some marketable skills, and if she were desperate to break free, she could get it done. It doesn’t seem like that’s what she wants, thouogh. While she looks content and happy hanging out in California, it’s unlikely that she’ll be making it her home base.

Why are fans so interested in Jana Duggar?

The eldest Duggar daughter is a point of interest for most fans because, at age 29, she remains unmarried. Her persona seems to indicate that marriage, love, and children would be her top priorities, but it just hasn’t happened for her. That doesn’t mean it won’t, but fans love to speculate regardless.

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Jana is also something of an enigma within the family. Jill, Jessa, and Jinger have all seemingly reveled in the attention the show offers. That isn’t the case with Jana. Sure, she takes part in interview segments, but her subdued nature has led to an air of mystery. That mysterious nature has left fans super curious about what is going on behind the scenes for her.