‘Counting On’ Fans Are Expressing How Annoyed They Are that Joy-Anna Duggar Is Pregnant Again

Fans of the Duggars have been watching them since the early days of 19 Kids and Counting, and it’s hard to believe how quickly even the youngest members of the family are growing up. And fans have developed quite a few favorites as well thanks to TLC’s Duggar revival show, Counting On. We all know Jessa, Jinger, and Jana best thanks to their screen time, and even Jill has a serious following on Instagram despite her getting booted from the program thanks to husband Derick Dillard. And now it seems Joy-Anna Duggar is entering the spotlight after announcing her pregnancy with her second child.

Joy-Anna, who’s married to Austin Forsyth, already has one baby — and fans are seemingly growing annoyed she’s pregnant with another. Here’s what they’re saying.

Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth recently announced the pregnancy online

Thanks to Instagram, the Duggars can spread all of their announcements like wild fire — and Joy Anna and Austin just recently added a photo that started quite a few conversations. “Some of you have guessed, some of you had no clue… November, 2019 Baby Forsyth #2 is Due!!” the couple announced. “Cannot wait to meet this new little one! Gideon is going to be such a great big brother!!”

Many fans expressed how excited they are for the young couple, as it’s not too much of a surprise when the women in the Duggar family decide to expand their families. Even so, being pregnant with baby No. 2 at just 21 years old is a huge responsibility for someone so young, which has many concerned. E! News reminds us Joy and Austin tied the knot back in May 2017 and seemingly got pregnant directly thereafter with their first son. Gideon is only a year old now, so having two little ones to take care of is sure to be difficult.

Fans are slamming the happy news on Instagram

Fans are more than just concerned about Joy-Anna’s decision to have another baby so soon after her first — they’re starting to get downright annoyed with how often the Duggar women are pregnant. Jill Duggar posted a happy announcement in honor of Joy’s pregnancy, and fans let her know exactly how they feel in the comments section of the post.

“I am not knocking babies or love. But to be 21 with 2 babies….yikes. These girls gotta learn to live a little and enjoy life together without kids first,” one fan commented on Jill’s post. And another added, “Wouldn’t it be nice to be told your bodies are for more than just reproduction???” And others appeared sad for Joy regarding the news, as one commenter said, “These ladies haven’t gone to college, haven’t made friends, haven’t seen the world. … My heart actually hurts for these girls.”

Will she have even more children than her mother, Michelle?

With baby No. 2 already on the way, many are wondering if Joy-Anna and Austin are well on their way to having 19 kids of their own just like Michelle Duggar. It appears that Joy and Austin do want a large family, according to a source who spoke with Hollywood Life — but they don’t necessarily want nearly 20 children. The source said the couple would be happy with “five or six” kids but also are willing to have “whatever God gives them.”

It may also be difficult for Joy to have as many kids as Michelle did, too. We remember how difficult her first pregnancy with Gideon was, and the Duggars are notorious for having complications and needing C-sections, which was the case for her as well. We’re hoping all goes well for the birth of the second child.

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