‘Counting On’: Fans are Furious With Jana Duggar Over an Instagram Post

Jana Duggar might have been the first Duggar to break the rules and join social media before she announced an engagement, but she’s not giving up her family’s ultra-conservative Christian beliefs. While the majority of Jana’s Instagram posts are entirely innocent and somewhat devoid of substance, she’s never incensed her audience- that is until now. Fans are livid over Jana’s most recent Instagram post.

Why did Jana Duggar’s Instagram post irritate fans?

Jana Duggar stopped by a grape festival in her native Arkansas for a good time. There is nothing wrong with the festival; in fact, several Duggar family members have been spotted at the event over the years. John David and Abbie Burnett were placed at the festival last year, according to Ok! Magazine. It was allegedly an unchaperoned date during their courtship, something that is utterly verboten for Duggar kids.

Jana’s trip was completely uneventful, and even the pictures she took during the festival looked innocent enough. If you look past Jana, though, and check out the two girls in the background, you’ll notice that the eldest Duggar daughter photoshopped skirts onto the ladies in the backdrop. The girls likely were wearing shorts, since it’s Arkansas in August and temperatures are hovering around 90 degrees most days.

Fans reacted to the poorly photoshopped photo with rage

While no one seems to have a problem with the Duggar ladies choosing to keep their legs covered for religious reasons, fans were incensed when they noticed the photoshopped effect on innocent bystanders. One fan commented, “You do realize there’s a boy in the background lifting his shirt and flicking you off, right?? I guess u were too occupied with covering the girls’ thighs u didn’t notice…. How sad”

Another fan believes the action was disrespectful to the girls in the background. They wrote; “Don’t think people are blind enough to fall for your joke of a photoshop. If you can’t handle the clothing that other people wear, then stop going out in public. Or at least just crop them out of your picture instead of indirectly shaming and disrespecting them.”

While many people were bothered by Jana putting random strangers in more modest clothing, there were plenty of fans who commented with positive thoughts. None mentioned the obvious photoshop, though. Even Lawson Bates left a note on the post.

Why do the Duggar girls wear skirts?

Michelle Duggar, the matriarch of the family, has spoken about her modest dress several times over the years. According to InTouch, Michelle has noted that the female family members dress in a manner that won’t “defraud” others. Allegedly, “defrauding” is the act of stirring up sexual desire in individuals who are not one’s spouse. In the case of clothing, it’s directly referring to the females in the family. The boys mostly sport basic pants and tee-shirts.

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According to the family’s religious teachings, women need to be covered from their neck to their knees. While pants would cover the areas considered “private” by the family, they would expose the shape of the girls’ legs. A few of the Duggar ladies have stepped away from the practice, though. Jinger and Jill, both of whom are married, have decided to wear pants on a semi-regular basis. Jana Duggar, who remains unwed, has not made the same decision.