‘Counting On’: Fans Are Irritated by Lauren Swanson for This One Reason

When Lauren Swanson first joined the Duggar family, she seemed painfully shy. In fact, her voice was so low and quiet in early clips on Counting On that some fans thought she may have a speech issue. The more she’s appeared on the show, the more comfortable she’s become with the attention, and fans haven’t failed to notice. Her social media presence has ticked up, as well. That might not be a good thing, though. Several fans have accused Lauren of pandering to her audience for attention. Several fans also believe the soon-to-be mother of one is masquerading as her husband on Instagram, and they aren’t happy about it.

Lauren and Josiah share an Instagram page

When Lauren and Josiah Duggar announced their courtship, they also launched social media pages. This is a basic step for young Duggars. They are not allowed to utilize social media until they are involved in a courtship. Instead of opening personal accounts, however, the couple decided to share an Instagram page.

Again, there is nothing strange here by Duggar standards. At least, everything seems pretty reasonable at first glance. Joy-Anna Duggar and her husband, Austin Forsyth, share an Instagram page. Joseph Duggar and his wife Kendra Caldwell also have a family account, and John-David Duggar and his bride, Abbie Burnett also use a shared profile to keep fans updated on their life together.

The difference appears to be that John, Joe, and Austin seem to be utterly disinterested in social media. Joe, John and even Austin make appearances on the account, but it’s clear that the ladies of the group are posting. That’s not so with Josiah and Lauren. Josiah, allegedly, does have an interest in social media. It’s been rumored that the 23-year-old was actually married off because he had a fake Facebook account. Their posting style also deviates from the norm, in that Josiah makes seemingly regular appearances on the page to post snapshots.

Fans think Lauren posts as Josiah

The shared social media pages are nothing new for Duggar couples. In fact, several of the couples have chosen to share a page, but Lauren is being accused of taking it a bit further and masquerading as Josiah in several posts. Reddit fans have called into question the authenticity of the Mother’s Day post shared on the couple’s Instagram page.

Allegedly, the post was written on Instagram by Josiah. It’s a touching tribute to his wife who lost her first pregnancy shortly after announcing it to the family. The post was so moving that it amassed more likes on the social media platform than any other post by the couple. A few fans, however, are not convinced Josiah wrote it. Reddit users noticed that the wording of the post actually mimics Lauren’s writing style.

She has been accused of masquerading as Josiah on the platform more than once, and several fans believe that profile isn’t actually a shared page, at all. That takes us to another problem fans have with Lauren – alleged attention-seeking behavior.

Fans accuse Lauren of attention-seeking behavior

With weird social media behavior, Lauren has caught the wrath of fans. Not only do they believe she’s faking posts, but they are also accusing the 20-year-old bride of pandering to her audience for attention. Her carefully-curated page seems a little too “try-hard” for the taste of Counting On fans.

Aside from allegedly posting as her husband, fans also believe she’s exploiting her past miscarriage for sympathy and likes on the famed social media platform and using that sympathy to solicit gifts from fans. The couple recently shared their baby registry with fans via a link in their profile. They are asking fans to send everything from gift cards to expensive baby gear. The link has since been removed.