‘Counting On’ Fans Are Judging the Duggar Family Instagram for Posting About Veterans Day

We’re learning more about the Duggars than ever before thanks to the current season of Counting On. When the family first attained fame, it was all thanks to Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar. They brought their 19 kids into the spotlight, and over the years, we’ve watched many of the Duggar children grow up into adulthood. Now, it’s fan favorites, like Jessa, Jinger, and Jana, who are taking the reality TV spotlight from their parents.

That doesn’t mean Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar don’t still have plenty of followers, though. The couple (likely with the help of Jana, who still lives under their roof) seemingly run the Duggar Family Instagram. And while fans seem to adore many of their posts, it seems their Veterans Day shoutout didn’t go over so well.

The Duggar family just posted their support for veterans on their Instagram

The Duggar Family Instagram is the perfect social media hub for Counting On viewers, as it provides family updates, photos, and clues about what’s coming up next on the show.

We know several of the Duggars have their own Instagram pages, too, with Jedidiah Duggar being the most recent of the family to have his own to help his political campaign. Aside from Jed, fans love seeing Jessa’s posts about her three kids and husband, Jana’s posts about her home projects, and Jinger’s posts about living in Los Angeles. And of course, we can’t forget that fans rely on Jill’s Instagram for her updates, as she’s no longer featured on the show.

As for the Duggar Family Instagram, it’s a hodgepodge of photos, info, and captions. And they recently posted well wishes on Veterans Day. “We are forever grateful for the men and women who put their lives on the line for our freedoms!” they captioned the post. “THANK YOU to the veterans and their families for their sacrifice and service for our country!”

Jed Duggar also gave a special shoutout to the vets

The Duggar Family Instagram wasn’t the only one to give the vets a shoutout. Jed is campaigning to be a part of the Arkansas House of Representatives, which is why he joined Instagram in the first place. And he added a photo of himself with a few veterans that he’s been visiting every week through his church’s veterans outreach.

“It’s been a huge blessing getting to spend time with these veterans every week through our church’s veterans outreach,” he captioned the post. “Such amazing lives! I love hearing the stories they share, and singing their favorite songs and hymns with them. So grateful for their service to our country and the many lessons they have taught me personally!”

While Jed seems to mean well, many took to the comments to ask Jed why he doesn’t just join the armed services himself. “Why don’t you or your brothers join up. Your country needs young men like you. Leave the politics to the older people, who have served,” one follower commented.

Fans are judging the Duggars for their post

It wasn’t just Jed who received some backlash. Many took to the Duggar Family Instagram Veterans Day post to question why none of the Duggars have ever gone into the military themselves.

“And none of your children will ever serve in The Military…..why is that,” one follower questioned. Another wrote, “Respect and take care of our Veterans first, and stop going to Third World Countries and incentivizing them to come to the USA.”

Yet another added a snarky reply to a follower who asked if any of the Duggars served. They wrote, “their children would be exposed to foul language and atheists in the military…..plus they are wealthy enough they dont have to actually work.”

It’s possible the Duggars are over the negative comments, as they turned the comment capabilities off of their post of Josiah and Lauren Duggar’s baby. But we’re sure we’ll see plenty more posts from the family in the future despite any backlash!

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